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How can I burn DVD that works in my home dvd player??

I collect some clips and I burn them into dvd but I can not play it with my HOME dvd player .I tried to use a cheap converto to convert it to .flv files but same result I was not able to watch it at home,I could watch them in my pc BUT not with my tv ,any help please..

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    you should use nero 8 or 7................

    it is the best software to make such type of dvds in that u will also get the option to make your own title bar wich comes first when you play in your dvd player.

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    Hi Nero 7 or 8 will do the job. If you have all the files ready, prepare a DVD file on Nero, then add all the files in the Video TS folder. You then have to burn it and you should be away.

    Hope this helps!


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    You must convert them into mpeg format before burn it to DVD.

    It's easy for moyea flv to video converter. With this tool, you can download, play, and convert youtube vid to your dvd. I'm using it for a long time and it works very well.

    1. convert the flv file into mpeg format

    2. burn the converted file to your dvd with nero.

    You can search "flvsoft" on for more info.

    Good luck.

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    make sure you use the dvd-r, they are designed for home dvd players.

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    Very easy for u with E.M. Youtube video download tool.

    It works very well and easy to use.

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