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about cold war..20點!! URGENT!

1. Ten tips on how to spot an East German spy. With explaination.

2. Find out a flim about cold war which focus on germany.

3. Suppose you were a west german in 1968, write a letter to the newspaper editor about the situation in Germany, your feelings and how the spy affect you.

english please.

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    Dear editor,

    In responding to the soaring rates of type II diabetes and obesity, I am writing to share my thought on importantance for students to play less computer games and engage in more physical activities. There are three major points:

    [State what make you write this article, better if you are writing as a respond to one of the news paper articles published recently.]

    [There are differences between {sports}, {organized sports}, {exercise}, and {physical activities}. Choose your wording wisely because nowadays what the young are being advised to do is having more physical activities, that include a lot other stuff on top of sports.]

    Firstly, sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of obesity and reduces efficiency in study. In addition, computer games usually involved prolonged sitting and staring at the monitor, which together cause various health problems such as muscular strain and short-sightedness.

    [I hate ... not only... but also... sentence structure as it confuses readers a big time. Just a personal preference and I edited that away.]

    [Sitting does not cause short-sightedness, locking one's focal plane at a close distance for a long time does.]

    Secondly, compared to computer games, physical activities involve more interpersonal communications. They can make friends and participate in more in-depth contacts including face-to-face conversations and body languages, which cannot be provided by video games. Physical activities enhance students' social skills.

    [Remember that now many PC games require communication, tactics, and quick reaction as well. You should identify the beneficial communications that only be available through physical activities.]

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