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幫我 中轉英文..thanks 20分







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    14:28, in Wenchuan County, Sichuan (31 degrees north latitude, 103.4 degrees east longitude) in 7.8 earthquake. As far away as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam also feel shocked.

    Sichuan is a major earthquake within the compression plate, due to rupture, leading to accumulation of energy from the broken with the release of a strong earthquake.

    Earthquake flooding caused flooding; Earthquake of highly toxic and inflammable and explosive materials and other items from blasting disasters and pollution, the spread of germs and plague also caused a great loss.

    Since the Yangtze River in Sichuan Basin formed a thick layer of sediment, the geological structure of instability, vibration, even more serious. The researchers said that does not make a solid formation of the destructive earthquake increases and the fertile soil of the densely populated Sichuan Basin, has increased the number of casualties.

    Department of Sichuan, there are still many people buried in Tuiyuan tile lost in waiting for rescue,

    The longer, drainage to the slim chance of survival, is worrying,

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    At 28 past 2 in the afternoon, 7.8 magnitude of earthquake take place in Wenchuan county of Sichuan (31 degrees in the north latitude , 103.4 degrees of east longitudes ). Feel to Hong Kong , Taiwan , Thailand and Vietnam that shakes far. The strong shock of Sichuan is caused by pushing, breaking in the plate mainly, it produces the strong shock that the energy resulted in accumulating is released from the broken area. It causes the floods that the river overflows when the earthquake; Flammable and explosive articles in the seismic zone and hypertoxic article,etc. cause the calamity of firing and pollute; It causes great losses with the pestilence too that the bacterium propagates . Because what has taken shape thickly in Sichuan Basin in the Changjiang River has depositted on story, geological structure is unstable, shake more serious. The researcher expresses , the stratum not firm makes the destruction strength of the earthquake increase; And fertile Sichuan Basin of soil is densely populated , increase casualties' quantity . It is Sichuan, many compatriots are buried in ruined Yuan frustrate tiles and waited to rescue, The the less long in time, chance that survive the slim,it make there aren't people,

    Source(s): dr eye
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