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新聞英文(關於食物介紹) 中翻英 謝謝!(20點)









食品營養系改為食品科學系!!! 英文縮寫是FS,那全名是....?

輔仁大學→Fu Jen Catholic Univrsity (FJU)

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    Ice cream is the favorite among FJU students.


    NTD20 each for a typical-looking ice cream has become FJU student's favorite. Can you imagine that?


    Every afternoon, students of the campus will gather around the ice cream shop nearby FS faculty for a treat of the popular dessert. The shop itself is small, operating with 1 machine and 2 shopkeepers only. The menu serves the recipe made from the FS faculty itself. Offering chocolate, vanilla and mix flavors to cater the students. The ice cream is rich in flavor, affordable to all, and most importantly hygiene-conscious. The staff are trained not to serve when they have collected money with their hands.


    "It looks just like a plain ordinary ice cream, but the taste is far beyond its looks." Lin, a regular of the shop explained. Even the graduates expressed disappointment, "We will surely miss it. It is sad that we might not have a chance again once we graduate."


    Apart from the students of the campus, the ice cream also attract many outsiders. It has become a feature of FJU since. The ice cream shop operates from 12pm to 5pm weekdays only.



    a treat=款待

    popular dessert=有名的甜點





    taste is far beyond its looks味道遠勝於外觀

    regular of the shop=常客

    weekdays only就夠了,也等於假日沒開

    * soft serve Ice cream = 雙淇淋(在有些地方是這樣分,而ice cream是比較統稱)

    ** FS = 會是Food Science嗎? 我不確定,猜猜罷了。



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    Ice cream is Fu-Jen Students' Most Favorite

    One for 20 dollars. Do you believe that? The very common ice cream turns out to be Fu-Jen students' most favorite food.

    Every afternoon, people on campus will go forward to the Department of Food Science affiliated ice cream shop. The shop is not big, with only one machine and two keepers. They sale the department's self-produced ice creams. You may choose from 3 flavors--chocolate, vanilla, and mixed. The ice creams are characterized with strong flavors at fair price. Hygene is ok, because the shop keepers never touch food by bare hands.

    " It looks just like common ice cream, but it tastes much better!" said Lin, a student who comes regularly every weeek. Some students who will graduate and leave school say "The saddest thing is no more chance to eat it!".

    The Fu-Jen University ice creams attract not only on campus students, but also extra-mural people. They become specialities from Fu-Jen University. The open hours are from 12:00 am to 17:00 pm, excluding holidays.

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    Ice cream is one of the favorite food of FJU students


    One for 20 bucks (dollar) , an ordinary ice cream can be favourite of these students, hard to believe.


    Every afternoon, there will be people steping forward to the ice ream shop which is a part of the food science faculty. There are only one machine and two shop assistant in the store. The product they selling is the ice cream them made. There are chocolate vanilla and combination of two flavors. the distinguishing feature of the ice cream is that it got good taste, low price, and the clerk work there all got common sense of hygiene. They will not touch the food with the hand that hold money.


    " they looks the same as other ice cream, but much better that those others" The student who comes every week said. Even those who going to graduate " sad to say, after leaving the school there wouldnt be any chance to have a taste of the ice cream again"


    FJU ' s ice cream not only attractive to the students, as well as many people from other places, it has become the "must buy" food of FJU. The time the store will open is 12pm - 5pm, holiday are not included.

    2008-05-17 02:36:52 補充:

    ' << 這種亂碼 都是 ' 這個符號

    " they looks the same as other ice cream, but much better that those others&quot << " 都是 " 這個符號

    文法錯誤 = =

    two shop assistants in the store

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  • 妤蓁
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    Like whom ice cream last university student most


    20 yuan for one, ice cream with ordinary appearance, unexpectedly complement the food that the benevolence university is liked by students the most, can you believe?


    Every afternoon, food nutrition is the ice cream shop set up that someone will go successively in the campus. These shop is not strong, only first machine and two shop assistants, item that sell for are ice creams made of the food nutrition department oneself, own chocolate, vanilla in common and synthesize three kinds of taste. Its characteristic lies in, ice cream taste is fragrant and thick, the price is cheap, the shop assistant with the hygiene idea will not be by charging meeting the food of money.


    ( it looks with the general ice cream equally, but taste is much more delicious! ) the theory will come to Lin Tong that buy regularly each week. Even graduates will leave the school, ( the thing difficult to most pass is having no chance to have it! )


    The ice cream which complements the benevolence university is besides complementing the students of the benevolence university, attract a lot of personage come out of admiration for the reputation outside school, is it complement ( the famous product ), people of university to become too. The selling time of the ice cream was not sold on vacation from twelve clock to seventeen clock.

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