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您可以從我的履歷表當中發現,我有當過助理,也有在咖啡廳工作過。因此,我相信我可以把我在咖啡廳應對客人的經驗,用在這份工作上。並且,我也當過助理,做過許多有關於電腦的文件處理,相關處理作業可說是非常的拿手;因為,我不僅擅長於Microsoft office的軟體,打字速度也可達每分鐘70-80字,還會部份影像處理軟體,要是您有這方面的需要,我相信我也能勝任。



You can find from my resume, I have worked as a assistant, have worked in the coffee shop too.

So, I believe I should use me on this job to guests' experience in the coffee shop.

And, I have worked as a assistant too, have file handling about the computer after doing a lot of, deal with the homework and can be regarded as the extraordinary one and good at relevantly; Because, I am not only good at the software of Microsoft office, it is can be up to 70-80 words of every minute to type the speed, can some image deal with software also, if you have need of in this respect, I believe I can competent too.

And this job to you of mine is extremely interested, because I have been protecting very great cordiality to this of serving customers all the time, prefer the relevant treatment homework about the computer, but the biggest advantage is that your company can let me have a lot of chances to contact foreign businessman customers, I can strengthen my language ability by this, though that is not my working content.

My earnest hope can get this job and position, hope you can give me a chance to interview.


1.Greet customers, help customers to order, check out and check.

2.Maintaining in the shop neatly, the utensil is washed.

3.Wash and boil coffee, make meal.

Update 2:

4.Utilize the computer to input the materials, make forms.

5.Put the file materials in the company in order, send official document and materials.

6.Send the tea, buy and handle official business such odd jobs as articles,etc.

7.The electronic part is assembled the homework.

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    You may find that I have worked as an assistant, also worked in the coffee shop from my resume, I believe my experiences would be a great help for this job.

    Since I have worked as a assistant, file handling and computer works were part of my routine jobs, I am really good at those, I am not only good at Microsoft office, I can type up to 70-80 words per minute, able to deal with some image software, if you have needs in these respects, I believe I am competent too.

    I have great interest in this job application. I have always been enthusiastic about serving customers of all kind, enjoy dealing with the computer works, however the biggest advantage is that I will have the chance to meet a lot of foreign businessman customers in your company, which I will have my opportunity to strengthen my language ability, although that is not my job description,.

    My earnest hope to get this job and position, hope you can give me a chance for interview.

    1.Greeting customers, help customers order, and check.

    2Keep the shop neat, and the utensil clean.

    3.Brew coffee, make meal.

    4.Computer data input, make forms.

    5.Keep files in order, delivering document and materials.

    6.Delivering tea and coffee, run errands, etc.

    7.Electronic parts assembly.

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