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a. Nominal weight listed in this table is based on 41.82 lb/ft per in.of thickness.it conforms to that published by steel suppliers and is sufficiently accurate for estimating gravity loads.

b. This table is based on the thickness to lerances specified by ASTM for 48 in.(1200 mm)and 60 in.(1500 mm)wide coil and sheet stock.Different tolerances may apply to other sheet widths and strip.

c. The steel producing industry recommends that steel be ordered by decimal thickness only.Thickness and zinc coating class can be stenciled on the sheet.The gage designation is residual familiarity reference only.

d. Per ASTM 924 and ASTM A90,G60 coating has 0.60 oz/ft2 of zinc(triple spot test),total for two sides. 0.60 oz/ft2 of zinc equals a total thickness of 0.001in.(0.025 mm).G90 coating is 0.90 oz/ft2(triple spot test),or 0.0015 in.(0.039 mm).Magnetic gage measurement of

e. Per Chapter 4,Design Criteria, the minimum gage thickness minus the thickness of zinc coating (see noted)will be used for design purposes.

f. For additional information on the general requirements for metallic-coated steel sheet of commercial (CQ)or lock-forming quality(LFQ),see the following standards:ASTM A924/A924M General Requirements for Steel Sheet,Metallic-Coated by the Hot-Dip Process,and A653/A653M Specification for Steel Sheet,Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) or Zinc-Iron-Alloy-Coated (Galvanized) by the Hot-Dip process.

both the ridcs software and the Design tables in chapter 8 are based on the following recommended values for commercial quality galvanized sheet and plate

yield strength





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    a. 有名無實的重量被列出在這張桌裡根據41.82 lb/ft 每in.of thickness.it 依照那由鋼供應商出版和是充足地準確的為估計重力裝載。

    b 。這張桌根據厚度對lerances 由ASTM 指定為48 in.(1200 mm)and 60 in.(1500 mm)wide 卷並且板料stock.Different 容忍也許適用於其它板料寬度和小條。

    C。鋼生產的產業推薦, 鋼由小數厚度定購only.Thickness 並且鋅塗層組可能是stenciled 在sheet.The 測量儀指定是殘餘的熟悉參考唯一。

    d. 每ASTM 924 和ASTM A90, g60 塗層有zinc(triple 斑點test) 0.60 oz/ft2, 共計為雙方。鋅0.60 oz/ft2 合計0.001in.(0.025 mm).G90 塗層的一種總厚度是0.90 oz/ft2(triple 斑點test), 或0.0015 in.(0.039 mm).Magnetic 測量儀測量。

    e. 每章節4, 設計標準, 極小的測量儀厚度減鋅塗層的厚度(參見noted)will 被使用為設計目的。

    f 。為其它資訊關於金屬上漆的鋼片的一般規定商業(CQ)or 鎖形成的quality(LFQ), 看鋼片的以下standards:ASTM A924/A924M 一般規定, 金屬上漆由熱浸洗處理, 並且鋼片的A653/A653M 規格, 鋅上漆(鍍鋅) 或鋅鋼合金上漆(鍍鋅) 由熱浸洗過程。

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    ridcs 軟體和設計桌在章節8 裡根據以下被推薦的價值為商業質量被鍍鋅的板料和板材出產量

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    You get paid to translate, we don't.

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