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to change california's constitution in a bill, how big of percentage do you need?

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    "Somebody Else" is correct about an amendment proposed by the legislature requiring a two-thirds vote of both the Congress and Senate, however, California also allows for Amendments to be made to the California Constitution through popular vote.

    To get an issue on the ballot, the petitioning party must first get a petition signed by California residents who are registered to vote. The total number of signatures must be at least 8% of the total number of voters from the previous general election in the state.

    I am going crazy trying to find out the minimum percentage of votes required to pass a Constitutional amendment by the voters, but I can't find it. I am almost positive that it must pass by a two-thirds vote, as well, but I could be wrong.

    The ban on same-sex marriage passed three years ago with 61% which would fall short by just over 5%.

    A poll by the LA Times showed that at present 81% of California residents agree with the California Supreme Court decision to allow same sex marriage.

    For the benefit of the first person to answer (The guy who is apparently unaware that every state has its own Constitution), it is unknown how many people participating in the poll were stoned at the time.

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    Each of the two state legislatures have to approve the amendment with a 2/3 majority, and this must be followed by a popular vote where only a simple majority is required.

    By the way, to Astroboy: each state has its own constitution. California is not the only one.

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    The bill of Rights is about administration. It identifies those issues maximum utilized by utilising authorities to regulate the human beings. Our founding fathers, being properly versed in eu history, knew all to correctly how faith were misused. in addition they wanted to avert an similar fights that over faith that England had. They understood that we do not choose a authorities to run our lives. That we are in a position to make our own judgements.

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    California has it's own constitution?

    it's a percentage that matches the number of potheads who talk rampantly about the legalization for marijuana vs. their desire to get a college's a trick answer. neither exists.

    SOMEBODY ELSE....touche

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