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Serious question this time. Does anybody else like Tommy Emmanuel?

If you have not heard him check him out. He is an amazing acoustic guitar player. I can't post a link to youtube on the computer that I am on. He was named Austrailia's greatest guitar player for 4 years in a row. You would be hard pressed to find a better acoustic player. He does things I have never seen anyone else do. Well worth your time.


lol evil sandia, I don't mean those kind of things. I'm talking about things on the guitar

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    He's a great guitarist. I've never seen him live, unfortunately, since I live in the US and he's from Australia. I know he's here quite often and I've heard him on A Prairie Home Companion from time to time. PHC's regular guitarist is Pat Donohue who is also brilliant and I know they've performed together.

    I have several CDs of Emmanuel and they're all great. There are some clips on youtube that show him off pretty well.

    He's one of my absolute favorites along with Harvey Reid, Pat Donohue, Tony Rice, and Norman Blake.

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    Michael Jackson does things I've never seen anyone do but that doesn't make him great. That makes him sick.

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    I'm a fan! He certainly is amazing.

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    i have heard of him and i think i may have heard his music once with my dad. hes good from what i remeber

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    Wow, its been a while since I've heard his name. I havent even heard any of his new stuff either .. thanks for the flashback!

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    neer heard of him before

    so, i youtubed him...he is pretty good

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