Bay Realty Investment & Franchise in California in DRE record is expired, can it sell land or LLC project?

I am about to invest the land , which Bay Realty Investment & Franchise is selling, I joined their seminar in Wednesday's dinner, and when I check the DRE record, it seems, the company has expired, but the agent Edward told me that they have over 200 real estate agents, I tried Bay Realty Group, Bay Realty Investment, and can not find their name under DRE.

Also the boss James Chen , I can not find any of his information, is it a real company , who is the broker? The company address is 1054 S. De anza Blvd #202, san jose.

Any one have bought their project?

How do I know it is a good or bad investment, will that be fraud?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The broker associated with this company has her license restricted, thus not allowing the company to sell or buy real property (land, homes, etc.). Looking into the broker's license even more, she was ordered by the DRE to Desist and Refrain from performing any duties as a licensed broker. She petitioned her license and was even denied. To be in her position, you need to have screwed over so many people to have your licenses revoked. So I would walk away from any deals they might have. Also, I checked the secretary of state business portal and it is an active company but I didn't see any agents under their license on the DRE website. Basically, they cannot do what they are doing.

  • 1 decade ago

    It might be that they have several office, as I saw from googling the company name. They may have just closed one branch office & transferred everyone from that branch to another that is still open.

    Try putting just Bay Realty & see what comes up.

    Check with BBB. I'm always leery of sales at seminars. Investigate this more...

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