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Help! I need to know a lot about Mexico, Sinaloa. Can you tell me some things about it:?

like culture, clothing, activities, flag, money, traditions.

Please! I not only need info. on this but also some pictures along with the topics listed above.

Thanx. +_-

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    State of Sinaloa


    Coat of arms

    Location within Mexico

    Municipalities of Sinaloa

    Country Mexico

    Capital Culiacán

    Municipalities 18


    - Governor Jesús Alberto Aguilar Padilla PRI

    - Federal Deputies PRI: 6

    PAN: 2

    - Federal Senators PRI: 2

    PAN: 1


    Ranked 18th

    - Total 58,238 km² (22,485.8 sq mi)

    Population (2005)

    - Total 2,608,442 (Ranked 15th)

    Time zone MST (UTC-7)

    - Summer (DST) MDT (UTC-6)

    HDI (2004) 0.7800 - medium

    Ranked 17th

    ISO 3166-2 MX-SIN

    Postal abbr. Sin.

    Website: Sinaloa state government

    Sinaloa is one of the 31 states of Mexico.

    Contents [hide]

    1 Geography

    2 Culture

    3 Demographics

    4 Economy

    5 History

    5.1 Early inhabitants

    6 Films

    7 External links

    [edit] Geography

    It is bordered by the states of Sonora to the north, Chihuahua to the northeast, Durango to the east, and Nayarit to the south. To the west of Sinaloa lies the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California, also known as the Sea of Cortez.

    The coast of Sinaloa is beautiful with clear blue oceans and a breathtaking sunset. Sinaloa is known for there colorful shells and even sand dollars.

    [edit] Culture

    Culturally, it is known for a style of music known as banda, and corrido is also popular.

    One of the most interesting and important cultural expressions of the American continent takes place in Sinaloa: it is the only place in the continent where the ancient ball game of Mesoamerica is still played, in a handful of small, rural communities not far from Mazatlán. The ritual ball game was central in the society, religion and cosmology of all the great Mesoamerican cultures including the Mixtecs, Aztecs, and Maya. The Sinaloa version of the ball game (the consensus is that it is very faithful indeed to the original game) is called ulama. There are efforts to avoid the extinction of this (at least) 3,500-year old unique tradition by supporting the communities and children that still play it.[1]

    [edit] Demographics

    The state capital of Sinaloa is Culiacán. Other large cities in Sinaloa with airports that serve as points of entry include Mazatlán, a tourist resort, and Los Mochis, an agricultural center.

    [edit] Economy

    Sinaloa is a major import of native chickens. Many of the native Sinaloan's have a small chickens house and farmers sell the eggs and chickens in order to for many of the restaurants to use them as a main dish. The chicken enchilada originated from the northern part of Sinaloa.

    Sinaloa is one of the most prominent states in Mexico in terms of agriculture, and additionally has one of the largest fishing fleets.

    Many of the drugs that come into the United States and other countries come out of Sinaloa. Any drugs ranging from Marijuana to meth to crack cocaine. In May 2008 the Mexican government dispatched roughly 30,000 troops to control drug related crime. Namely the estimate 1,000 deaths related to Cartel activity over the prior year.

    [edit] History

    [edit] Early inhabitants

    The current state of Sinaloa was inhabited by mostly hunter and gatherer tribes. The major tribes were the Cahitas, Tahues, Totorames, Pacaxees, Acaxees and the Xiximes.

    [edit] Films

    2006 - Al Otro Lado (To the Other Side). Directed by Natalia Almada.

    [edit] External links

    (Spanish) Sinaloa state government

    (Spanish) Towns, cities, and postal codes in Sinaloa

    The History of Indigenous Sinaloa

    PBS Frontline: The place Mexico's drug kingpins call home

    Bruce Springsteen song titled "Sinaloa Cowboys" about methamphetamine in Fresno county

    (Spanish) Videomap of Culiacán

    PBS Frontline: The place Mexico's drug kingpins call home

    Todo sobre Sinaloa!

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    Federal District

    Coordinates: 25°0′0″N, 107°30′0″W

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    oh you came to the right hombre,i'm from sinaloa and is not a place for an american,mainly not for anyone,because there is as much violence as stars in the sky,every morning there are at least 2 dead people in the news,but it is actually pretty fun,agriculture is the main thing over there,about any time of plants can grow there,a really good excuse for drug dealers.culture?i don't think we have much or at least is not seen as much because in culiacan,the capital, is pretty much as an U.S. city with McDonalds in every street and big old movie thearter.and the food over there is delicious,especially the "chilorio" is a kind of meat that is not like the meat that americans are used to,you know,good stuff.

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    It's "South of the Border"

    Source(s): Taco Bell commercials, Del Taco commercials
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