Can I make my 1989 Lincoln Continental thats FWD a RWD car?

I have a 1989 lincoln continental thats a V6 3.8 liter 232 cid fwd car. I would like to make it rwd but not sure if i can do that. It clearly has enough space to put the 5.0 lincoln town car engine in which is rwd and its only like 2-6 inches smaller then the town car total length. If it is possible please let me know what would all have to be done and maybe the cost. Thanks

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    That particular car was one of Ford Motor Company's WORST vehicle ever made. As big of a Ford fan as I am, I'm only being honest. Head and timing cover gasket failures (which if unrepaired led to engine failure), transmission failures, air suspension failures were very common on that car. That being said, you are far better off simply getting rid of that car, and getting into an '86 to '87 model year Continental that already came equipped with the 5.0L (302) EFI engine and RWD, if the Town Car is too big for you. It may be a bit of a search, but the money you will spend will be FAR less than what you are asking, not to mention that you will end up with a much more reliable vehicle in the end. As with all Lincolns so equipped, save up your money for when the time comes to replace your air springs. That is unless you decide to convert to conventional springs. Hope this helps.

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    you can change any car any way with the right tools and expertise.but your your talking is a major undertaking and very expensive.not only do you have to change the engine but all the suspension, steering,add a rear end,brakes,etc

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    I think you can buy a convertion kit but not sure if they make it for you model. Try

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