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What are some "real-life hero" movies?

ex. movies mentioned here


a pursuit of happiness (chris gardner),

erin brockovich


the movie itself needs to follow some sort of "hero cycle"

thank you so much in advance

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    "World Trade Center" with nicholas cage


    "Apollo 13"


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    Hotel Rwanda

    Rabbit Proof Fence

    A Woman Called Moses

    Anne Frank Remembered

    The Killing Fields


    Schindler's List

    Iron Jawed Women

    The Great Raid

    Norma Rae

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    Audey Mrphy movies about war,he was real! Coach Carter with Samuel l. jackson, We Are Marshall, Titanic, P.T. 109 about John F. Kennedy!

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    Band of Brothers.

    Major Winters was a real life hero!

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    The Ten Commandments, Jesus of Nazareth,, these are movies about my heros. The world would be a better place, if more people felt the same.

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    Any Audie Murphy movie. He played himself & was the most decorated person in WW 11

  • Malcolm X

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    Didn't check your link but here's some based on life:


    When We Were Soldiers

    Cinderella Man


    Amazing Grace



    I could go on ....

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