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Why can't we just to have our own own resources at home?

Democrats are against every place for the drilling off the coast and ANWR drilling in Alaska. I think it shall have done it a long time ago to start probably at $1 and would have been $3 a gallon today instead force to use more of the foreign oil, and make us the most dependable on other countries' oil and making the oil compaines profitting off on it. I am so sick of this all fighting over oil resources with foreign thing and blaming Bush for all of this. President Bush tried to get it passed a few times. Democrats said ,NO, give me a good reason to let you drill. I think they are trying to hold its issue as hostage so that Democrats will being its out winner when it comes to election. The foreign production has nothing to do the price itself, only political correct do to it. This morning, Democrats holds the issue hostage again in the Congress! Damn on their fame and money!

Another resource I found is:http://archives.cnn.com/2002/ALLPOLITICS/04/19/pol...


Why aren't enough numbers/quanity of hybrids and hydrogen cars out there as what Democrat have been bragging having lots of it? I only see about 1/8 of them in my state- 3/4 of cars using oil! I think the Democrat party is not the same anymore, simply just as marketing people!(its my opinion,ok)

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    The environmentalists will not permit it although for national security reasons if for no other reason we need to stop relying on unstable foreign countries to sell us resources. We need to tap our own resources.

    Also if we tapped more of our own resources it would help our balance of payments issue.


    Source(s): My experience. Over 40 years of Democratic Politics.
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    Actually drilling in ANWR was passed but Bill Clinton vetoed it because he said it would only help 10 years from now. Well 10 years later it sure would be nice to have that oil.

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    We are dependent upon foreign oil because of our own energy wasting habits. There is not enough domestic oil to meet demand.

    We import 63% percent of our oil. Opening up all known US sources will hardly put a dent in that.

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    what ever happened to the American spirit of taking care of ourselves, sounds like it is time for change, to live for American and do right by her

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    Again, we can all thank Al Gore for this.

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