Why are gay rights such a big issue to Christians (read details)?

As a Catholic myself, I am disgusted by the fact that people actually discriminate against gays. Yes, I am aware of the passages in the bible that condemn homosexuality. But Jesus did not spend his life spreading hate against people who he doesn't agree with. Why is that us as Christians take small quotes from the bible and use them against people, instead of taking the whole essence of the bible and applying it to our lives? The whole bible is not about hating the gays. There are undeniably parts of the bible that are repulsive, and most Christians would agree. These ideas are outdated, why isn't this one? Most of the bible is beautiful and talks about the mutual love between us and God, why don't we focus more on that? Even if you believe that homosexual acts are wrong because of the bible, why can't you support two people loving each other? The bible condemns the actual sex acts, not the love. I am not only a Christian, but straight, and I am still pretty surprised by all of this.

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    I am gay. You have just asked the same questions that many of us have been asking our entire lives.

    It really hurts when people insist on misunderstanding the entire issue of being gay. (It is not a choice)..

    Granted, there are many of us, like many heterosexuals, who use sex as a recreation.

    But for many of us we just want the same thing that so many good Christians want. To meet someone special, fall in love, and get married.

    Being gay is so much more than merely sex. The person we can get intimate with, have a love relationship with, because of our sexual orientation just happens to be of our same sex. Nothing else is different.

    I can not believe that a committed loving self-sacrificing relationship WITH ANYONE can be deemed to be immoral.

    I think it so ironic that the battle taken up by so many Christians is to STOP those of us who do NOT want recreational sex, but a monagamous love relationship in MARRIAGE.

    Why can't we be judged by the love and sacrifice engendered by our committed relationships rather than the insignificant physical aspects of our sex acts? (And as for your "marriage is for procreation" people, would you then deny marriage to all those heterosexuals who can not have children or CHOOSE not to have them?) And why do so many moralists reduce marriage to the physical aspects of the sex act? Some even state there is NO marriage until it is "consumated."

    Pope Jotn Paul II wrote: "The existence of the institution of marriage acknowledges the importance of love for the happiness of human beings, the importance of the lifetime unconditional love that marriage facilitates. Humans flourish when they bask in the love of others. Love nourishes human goodness like no other force. For instance, love assists us in feeling secure in ourselves; it gives us the confidence to dare to exercise our talents; it gives us the assurance to reach out to others in love. Love also serves to heal past wounds. Love in almost any form can promote these and other great benefits to mankind, but marital love provides special benefits. Human beings are complicated and are not easily known by themselves or others; a lifetime relationship with another seems hardly time enough to get to know another. Sexual intimacy plays a major role in the revealing of one person to another. Sexual intimacy provides an opportunity for giving oneself to another in an exclusive way. Only in marriage can sexual intimacy achieve the goals it is meant to serve."

    Beautiful words. WE just want to be included.

    One final note. Many very respected Bible scholars believe that committerd loving relationships between two same sex partners are NOT condemned by any Bible passage.



    You sound like too many typical Christians. Ignorant of scripture. Whu do you allow your intollerant bigotry decide how you interpret it.


    By denying us marriage, you deny us our EQUAL civil rights. And condemn us to perpetual second class citizenship. Our loving committed relationships should be given the SAME regard and recognition as yours!

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    Well, as a believer in my own beliefs *wink* I can say nothing having to do with the bible. However I can give you my opinions on the matter minus anything to do with religion. Okay, well, number one, they don't just say "hey, i'm going to be gay from now on". A moajority of the time, if not all times if you don't believe the theory of them being born that way, which I don't. but anyways, when people are homosexual, it's because of a psychological disorder. They may become stressed, depressed, their minds could change if they think they need a major change in their life. The most popular theory is that as the chold is growing up, if it's a boy and they notice their dad -straight man- acting a little what today's society would call gay, then the baby grows up like that, taking it further, not knowing by the time he's an adult how or why this happened. Baby's watch parents a lot and learn a lot. Same thing goes for a girl and the mother. So, for anyone reading this who DOES discriminate against gays, think of things this way. Think of yourselves in a heterosexual relationship and the world is oposite. You think it's absolutely normal. People pick on you, tell you its wrong, try to control your lives by telling you how to live your sex life. Frustrating huh? Today's society has caused many homosexual people to kill themselves because of the stress put on by other people. Hypocritical Christians though, let me guess. You pick on the homosexual say they're going to hell. You cause them to commit suicide, let me guess, still going to hell? Well it was your fault. Think of that. (this only goes out to the ones who DO think homosexuality is wrong) So just leave them be. Let them live their lives. People deserve to be happy. Let them be. This is why I don't belong to a religion, well half the reason, and this is why I dont associate. Thank you.

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    The incredibly sad part is that Publishing companies have changed the words in the Bible just in my lifetime...

    My Great Grandmother has a very old family bible that says NOTHING about homosexuality in it...

    But I've lately seen CHILDREN's Bible's that use the word "homosexual" and feature color illustrations of little gay men running away from lightning bolts and such nonsense...

    The word of God is only as believable as an editor and illustrator can conspire to make it....

    Did you know that the world famous artist who painted the images we all know as "creation" and "the last supper" was in fact a practicing homosexual?

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    Gays make it such a big issue. Tell me when I've ever said I hate or even don't like gays. Jesus taught us to love our neighbors as ourselves. I love everyone equally, and I sure don't agree with gays being bashed, harrassed, ridiculed, hated, assulted, or anything else.

    But I also won't condone or accept the sinful behavior that they try to pass off as ok, when it repeatedly contradicts God's word.

    So answer this: You claim to be aware of the scriptures that condemn homosexuality, so why do you pick and choose which scriptures you will obey and which you will ignore?

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    no real christian actually 'hates' anybody, however, there are several things found inappropriate with these types of relationships.

    Number one, the bible plainly speaks against this type of sin, as well as other sins of this nature such as fornication, adultery, pretty much any sex outside marriage is considered fornication. since gays cannot experience a true marital bond in the eyes of God, they are automatically fornicating.

    Number two, the sin of Sodom is also refered to as a sin of pride.,,eg ever heard of 'gay pride'? There is also the sin of vanity associated with this. the bible says that "pride goes before destruction" anyone or anything that lifts itself up in pride is no doubt scheduled for a hard fall.

    Number three, nature is against a homosexual union. since we know what happens between two gay men, i will not say it here, but consider this, you have a mass of protien injected into a place of the body with weak membranes(due to penetration), now that persons antibodies are going to try and eliminate the foriegn protein mass, that causes problems generateing that amount of antibodies for the rest of your body, since they are generated based on genetic sequences, and thus causes severe if not fatal illness(HIV, AIDS, and many other venerial diseases) and since most cases of gay activity involve multiple partners, it is more likely that you will get sick, and spread it to the rest of the country.

    I dont want my children in danger of this kind of illness, so I am 100% in agreement with the bible, and so should you be. I would be worried about a judgement from God.

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    Gays being allowed to marry will also allow them other rights such as adoption, tax credits etc...Gay people I have nothing against it is their inflicting their Gay rights into society and demanding attention for their lewd acts that make it all so wrong. How would you like to be adopted into a gay family and never see the way God meant for you to see life. Gay marriage is wrong. Marriage between Man and a Woman is the only way we can multiply and replenish the earth as God commanded in the beginning.

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    As a Christian, I don't condemn or judge people. I don't discriminate, even though I think it's wrong. People can choose to live however they want to (as long as no one is harmed). However, I believe that marriage is religious ceremony. If homosexuals want to have the same rights as a married couple, they should get a civil union. A civil union is basically the same thing. Gays should have the same rights, and be able to adopt kids, and all that stuff.

  • Thank you, Erin. Though I am not gay, I am different. Like you, I am a catholic, a Christian and a child of God. God has created me according to his image. He gave me a special gift, and like gay people I have not been asked before creation if I should like to have it. I only know that I have to use this gift properly and shall not commit a sin with it. I am very sure it is no sin in itself, because could he, who created me and knew me from my mother's womb (Ps. 139), have made a mistake when he made me? And he has chosen to make me a transgendered person.

    By being this, I am different, and so are gay people. Yet we are children of God like you, and no one, really no one has any right to deny us God's love for us, his humble little children. Please don't say "they" when you refer to LGBT people; try to think "we", because when you call him "father" who is my father in heaven, too, who is in fact "Our Father", I become your sister. And I should be happy to be included in your prayers, as you are in mine.

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    I agree with you. I do not hate homosexuals. I do struggle with how to live my values in a changing world. Our Lord called us to love our enemies. Homosexuals are our friends, not our enemies, so we are surely called to love them.

    To Sam: God doesn't need us to defend him. He is quite capable of that himself. I fear that in the name of defending God we may do more harm than good. This is especially true when our dogmatic behavior turns others away from God's truth.

    Pastor John

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    If only more Christians were like you, you have a mature outlook on the bible and gay couples.

    Maybe some people could learn a thing a two from your thoughts.

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