Spider infestation?

I seem to keep getting spider bites in the middle of the night. I've cleaned, and looked for their nests, to no avail. How can I get rid of them if I don't even know where they are?!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    those pesky spiders and bugs , they get at me too at night , i wouldn't say

    there bed bugs , there tiny , small critters i say just check your matress to be sure , do you have your window open at night , if soo summer is hitting us , and mosquitos come out at this time , so maybe if you want to keep your window open i suggest putting a thin screen on to keep all those pesky bugs flying in a hurting you , if it is a spider they hide in the trickiest places , try getting a extreminator over to freshen and clean the place out for maybe other bugs crawling around the house , check your close , furniture , everything , youse spider and bug spary around the hous if you do happen to catch around tricky bug places , but call an extreminator over to do the job they do it very well if you hire the right one , well hope i helped , good luck !

  • Lar
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    1 decade ago

    place out glue boards to see if you can trap the culprits...there aren't many spiders that have the capability to break the skin when biting and even then will probably be a good sized spider so there would be no doubt to what it is... what appears to be bites and even sores may be nothing more than skin reaction to fibers of cloth or paper particles

  • larry
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    1 decade ago

    This is a bad year for spiders in many areas, like mine as well! I discovered that they were getting in at tiny cracks in windows. Weather stripping cured the problem for me. (I hope.) Also, natural Pyrethrin from Marigold flowers (Pyrillium), is deadly toxic to insects, they know it, and leave the area. The Pyrethrin is only mildly irritating to humans (coff, coff) so there is heavy artillery available to you, in areosol form at the hdwe, if it comes to that (gag, wheeze). Regards, Larry.

  • 1 decade ago

    are you sure you have spiders? sounds to me that you might have bed bugs or fleas, (they) would bite at nite as well. you can get a nite light, and place it in the electric socket, then put a bowl of water underneath to see if you might have fleas. (they will jump towards the lite) and, then drown in the water.

    if not, you have bed bugs.

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