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film festivals?

im a15 year old movie director/producer. and i was wondering if there is a film festival out there in america that i can enter my movies in. i was looking at sun-dance film festival and i don't now if i can or how to enter my movies. im not looking to be the next best thing i just want to get my movies out there thank you

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    1 decade ago
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    I would suggest checking out some of the online film festivals to start with (example links below). This should give you an idea of what they are looking for. Enter a few of them if you can and see how it goes. Hopefully you may even get some feedback. I believe you probably have to get lots of good exposure for your work to get noticed. I think the big well-known film festivals (like sundance, tribeca, cannes) have industry people choose the films that are entered so it will go on reputation and quality. Good luck with it.

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    Bear in mind that film festivals are a place for new, emerging talent. The films there are often not perfect, so believe in yourself and don't be afraid to aim high!

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