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Beltre for Burnett (a good trade?)?

i have Burnett and someone wants to trade him for Adrian Beltre. Do you think this is a good trade?

i also have Carmona, Mussina, McGowan, Chamberlain, Ryan, Rauch and Gagne at pitching along with Buchholz who's on the DL right now.

thanks for your thoughts.


yeah that's true. this isnt one of my better Fantasy Baseball teams and this league is pretty deep...unfortunately.

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    You can afford to lose Burnett, but you may be trading a bit high for Beltre. I think you could probably get a better 3B for Burnett... Or at least tack on a second player with Beltre if your heart's really set on him.

    And seeing as Gagne just lost his closing job, you may want to consider pairing someone else with Burnett to get Beltre and a new closer. And seeing as Burnett's value is slightly higher than Beltre, you should be able to pull something like that off. One-for-One trades are always risky. At least if you do a multiplayer trade, if one guy gets hurt, not all is lost. You will still have gained something.

    I'd try to look for a team that has a good 3B with a crappy rotation and a good bullpen. Unlikely you'll find that combination, but it's worth a look. If you find the right team, you should be able to work out something very helpful to your team. Strength for Strength.

    Best of luck.

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    AJ still has potential. Beltre has sucked since his 2004 breakout. Mussina and Gagne are negatives, they aren't the power pitchers you need for fantasy baseball. Rauch could get you some saves. Hope your league has a supplemental draft. see if Troy Percival is available. Also, any Rays such as Kazmir, Shields and Jackson. Carmona can be erratic but Cliff Lee is not going to go 30-0.

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