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Car crash...?

I got in a car crash yesterday, and we drove into the car in front of us. Today, when driving, I can't help but be overly sensitive about pulling up to other cars because I think the driver will hit them. I had the clearest picture of the accident yesterday, and it just keeps replaying every time our car gets close to another one.

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    You will get over it, but it will take time.

    I was re-ended January of 1994 by a drunk driver in a white car...for months I would turn or pull off the road if a white car was behind me, soon I got over it because I thought I was being stupid for sometimes going out of my way because of a white car.

    March of 2007 I was in another re-end accident while I was stopped at a red light. This one didn't bother me as I wasn't driving, but I found myself always watching the other drivers in my rear view mirror to see if they were paying attention...sometimes I still do this, which is the dumbest thing to do because if they are not paying attention and are going to hit me, then reaction would be for me to tense up and cause me more pain then being relaxed.

    Talk about it with some other people, write it down in a journal. Over time you will feel better.

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    flashbacks are common trust me i've had my license for 4 years and i have 3 accidents it hapend to me all the time especial when a car comes up fast behind me or when i pass tru the streets were the accidents happend, just be careful when u drive or give ur self a brake and not drive for a wild

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    you are suffering just as most accident victims suffer, flashbacks are common. Dont worry its normal and will soon pass, try not to think of it whilst you are in the car, use distraction techniques.

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    The only way to help this is by talking about it. If you need to, you can email me.

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