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HRT VS Marines in different scenarios?

Of the following situations, which one would prevail, The FBI's Hostage Rescue Team VS The United States Marine Corps:

-Sniping out an individual suspect hiding in a tree 300 meters away

-Sniping out an individual suspect in an open field, without being seen by the suspect at 300 meters away

-Disarming the firearm of a suicidal man in a public location without being noticed by the man

-Rescuing a hostage held at gunpoint with numerous citizens around

-Stopping a street riot consisting of about 100 people going nuts, destroying things

-Shooting down an attacking plane that is headed for a government building

-Busting a drug raid where the suspects are all armed, and inside of a secure house

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    You really should specify a little more, the USMC is pretty big. A Marine who works in personnel is not going to be able compete against an HRT operator in building clearing. But I guess that I would go with these choices.

    1. Draw

    2. Draw

    3. Draw

    4. HRT

    5. USMC

    6. USMC

    7. HRT

    FBI and USMC snipers are both trained at Quantico, so it really comes down to the individual marksman.

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    Sniping out somebody suspect hiding in a tree 3 hundred meters away-USMC -Sniping out somebody suspect in an open field, without being considered by employing the suspect at 3 hundred meters away-USMC -Disarming the firearm of a suicidal guy in a public area without being observed by employing the guy-HRT -Rescuing a hostage held at gunpoint with diverse voters around-HRT -preventing a highway rebel collectively with approximately a hundred human beings going nuts, destroying issues-USMC -shooting down an attacking airplane it is headed for a central authority construction-USMC (on no account considered the HRT use floor to air) -Busting a drug raid the place the suspects are all armed, and interior of a secure homestead-Tie bigger hand USMC as they do a similar venture very very nearly familiar for actual Up until eventually some years in the past Gysgt Carlos Hathcock USMC had the longest shown kill and refrained from many kill communities in his time.

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    I concur with Alex.

    Source(s): Active Duty Sergeant, USMC
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