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How to Set up a Home Network?

Currently, I have Roadrunner internet. I think the basic high-speed. The Router(I think that's what it's called) only has one port for an ethernet, so only one computer can go online at a time. It also has a port that's labeled USB but it's not shaped in the same way as a USB port on a computer.

Total, there are 3 computers that I want to be able to access the internet at the same time. One is a desktop and the other 2 are laptops that were manufactured about a year ago.

What would I need to have them all online through ethernet cables or the option to use ethernet cables and wireless?

I'm guessing that a wired connection would be cheaper, but how much extra would it cost?


The USB port on the router isn't shaped like a rectangular, it's more square-ish.

Update 2:

The USB Port is a Type B. I found it on Wikipedia. What is it even for?

Update 3:

Both laptops already have guilt-in wireless-capability or network adaptors, whatever it's called.

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    You need a router (better wireless router), and couple ethernet cables to get connected between those computers and the router.

    For wireless, you may also need a usb wireless adapter for each computer. But you need to check out, commonly laptop have their own in-built wireless network adapter. You may only need usb wireless network adapter for the desktop or laptop without in-built one. If you chase wireless, you can save those ethernet cables.

    To make your home network running, you may need to do the followings:

    >Physical connection:

    >>Get one ethernet cable to connect to WAN port of the router from Roadrunner.

    >>Get all computers to connect to LAN ports of the router. Don't need that, if you chase wireless connection.

    >On the router, enable DHCP. If you do wireless, enable wireless function as well. Customize the SSID for wireless if you use wireless function.

    >Assuming you have wireless adapter installed on your machine whatever laptop or desktop.If not, install these on your computers first.

    >On your computers, check your network (wireless, if you go wireless) connection option, set IP "automatically obtain"

    >On your computer, Control Panel-->Network Connections, right click the wireless connection you just installed and choose "all available wireless connections", find the router (SSID)double click it to connect. Provide password if needed.

    Good luck.

    Alan Yang @ Iron Oak IT inc., Calgary, AB


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    Buy a 4 port router, run the ethernet from your existing router to the uplink port in the new router and connect your PC and laptop to this using ethernet cables.

    Also, if you look at a standard usb cable, the connections are different at each end.

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    OK, what you are describing is the cable modem. I have the same setup with roadrunner.

    you need to get a router first, i recommend a Linksys.

    this is router I use. I set up my network with the wizard in XP since i am new to networking. I also connected both computers to the router with ethernet cables first then installed a wireless card in the second computer. that way all you have to do is get the other computers to connect to the internet. wireless will be cheaper in the long run.

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