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Any good neighborhoods in Burke, VA?

My husband and I are looking for a modest 2 bed 1.5 - 2 bathroom house for around 250K in Virginia and we want to move in a few months. We have our hearts set on Burke but we visited the town and were unhappy with one neighborhood we saw. Any neighborhood suggestions for a young couple looking to raise a family in Northern VA?

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    What neighborhood in Burke did you see? I have some friends who live there, I am not too impressed with the area. They have a nice townhouse, but when they have company over the company has to park across the street and walk up a pretty steep hill. The neighborhood we have to park in also doesn't look great. Too many houses in too small a space in my opinion. Parking is a nightmare, traffic is bad, and you see a lot more people speeding in that area and driving recklessly than in other areas.

    If I were you I'd go out towards Loudoun County somewhere. South Riding is a good area where lots of young families are living now. The traffic on the major highway near there can back up which is a downfall, but the whole area is really nice compared to other parts of Northern Virginia. There are lots of restaurants, and the communities seem to have plenty of parking. And many of the shopping centers are close to townhome communities. The only problem there is that the houses are a little bigger, so if you anted an actual single family home, there aren't many of modest size, but the townhomes are really nice.

    If you want to go closer to Burke you can find some places in Centreville or Fairfax that are decent, you just have to be aware of traffic; it can take you 15 minutes to go to a nearby store. I live in a nice quiet neighborhood in Clifton. It's secluded, and the deck in the back of my townhome faces trees and a walking path, not other townhomes which is unfortunately a common theme in N. Va. There are also houses in this neighborhood, and parking is never an issue. Lots of younger familied too.

    Chantilly VA has a few nicer areas, but be careful there, a lot of the smaller modest SFH's are in areas that aren't the best. It seems to be in N. VA if you want a SFH that is a smaller size, the neighborhood isn't the best, and the houses are usually older. The past 20 or so years, the new houses are all bigger lots. You can look at a neighborhood called Greenbriar in Fairfax/Chantilly. They have decent size SFH's. They are still older, but more families live there, you don't find many homes with 6 adults living under one roof in that neighborhood.

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