logic puzzle answer- need the answer ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

The Q : 2 married couples play golf. No two golfers had the same score, but the total score of Mr&Mrs Albert was 187, the same as Mr&Mrs Baker.

Determine the last name and the score of each player.

The Info:

1)george didnt have the lowest score of the 4, but it was lower then the average score

2)kathys score was 3 strokes higher then Carols

3)there was only one stroke difference b/w the scores of Mr&Mrs Albert

4)the average score b/w George and Harry was 2 stokes more than the average of the kathy and carol

thats the question, i need the last name of all the people(they are couples) and each persons score, each couple must have score of 187. Thank you so much!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Alberts: George-93 Kathy-94

    Bakers: Harry-96 Carol- 91

    Avg score-93.5

    kathy/carol avg- 92.5

    george/harry avg-94.5

  • 1 decade ago

    Male Score Females Score TOTAL

    Alberts George 93 Kathy 94 187

    Bakers Harry 96 Carol 91 187

    Average 94.5 92.5..

    Hope the above answers your question..

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