Girls... analyze me! (for fun)?

Humor/sarcasism is greatly excepted

I'm an overly-confident, 36-year-old custodial father of the most awesome 5-1/2 year-old boy in the world.

I am a social freak!

Throw parties at my home... inviting friends/families (with and without kids).

Love being single (been married twice).

Got an awesome job (corporate buyer).

Both my home (small) and truck are paid for.

No bills other than utilities.

Love to travel... but really don't ever find the time.

I coach little league sports and I forsee running for office in my future.

I get more opportunties now than ever before for dating... although I don't date that much.

I say it's because of my life with my son, that might be the reason a woman shows interest in me.... not me myself, but what surrounds me.

So.... I'm asking you to analyze me.

I'm interested in a woman's opinion of a guy like me.

What do you see?

What would expect?

Lol. Tell me what my flaws are, or might be.

Don't hold back... be hard on me!!!


Also, what does a guy like me need to pay more attention to when it comes to women??

Update 2:

Also, what does a guy like me need to pay more attention to when it comes to women??

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    Will you Marry me???

    O WAIT!!! JUST KIDDING!!! I love my BF very much.

    But in all seriousness you sound like a catch.

    I like the fact that you have custody of your son, It's a growing trend these days that is very attractive to women. You are still relatively of a ripe age, which doesn't say so much by itself but coupled with the fact that you have a house that is paid for and a vehicle that is paid for, is pretty impressive. It shows finiancial planning at it's best and shows that you really know how to take care of business in this reguard. I assume the little leauge you coach is your son's which shows not only you manly athleticism and interest in other things that don't involve a TV and a sofa, AND shows that you are actively involved in your sons life and his interests. If you hold as many social gatherings at your home as you imply, it shows that you have plenty of good friends who actually like you and enjoy being around you (especially if they are willing to bring their children around you). You say overly-confident, but I'm sensing somewhere that maybe this isn't so true. I'm sensing that you maybe come off to some people that way because you are confident and have a lot of charisma and are completly sure in your own ways. You probably get a lot of offers from women because of this vrey same thing. However, you don't date much...which could be a result of one of two things: Either A) You past two afiled marraiges left such deep emotional scars on you that you fear trying to make another similar commitment to another women, for fear of seeing it fail just like the frist two. OR B) you have built a fantastically wonderful life for yourself and your son, all by yourself. You have done so espite the failed marraiges and all other potential opposition, thus you are already happy, and don't feel the panging desire to have somebody to hold at night.

    Maybe a combination of both!!!

    Blah blah blah....that's my stab at it!!!

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    OK.... you answered one of my questions, so I figured I'd return the favor :)

    When I read what you wrote... my first thought is that you're a very confident person. Which is a turn on to a woman, if it's not over-confidence (cocky). I think being married twice is a red-flag (at least to someone like myself, who is the "old fashioned" type). It raises the question that you might have commitment issues. It sounds like you are a great father, and that's definetly a good thing... there are TOO many kids in this world with bad parents. You seem very independant, which I find awesome! I can't tell you how many guys I find "clingy"!

    I'd say all in all, you sound like a good dude... but probably better off sticking with the single life and enjoying the time with your son... I don't think the "3rd time's charm" applies to a 3rd marriage :)

    Source(s): I'm smart... :)
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    I look into my crystal ball and I see a very happy man who is happy with his life the way it is at this time and as a single mom I feel all the same things Have fun your only flaw travel more if you like to travel

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    You need to get out in the real word and live. Start dating and have fun. You can still take care of your son when you're dating.

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  • 1 decade ago

    lol i would be hard on you if there was a reason but you sound like a pretty great guy...and that is my analysis

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