"Spiritually speaking," what the hell is wrong with these gay marriage "opponents"?

I mean, I understand if you don't "agree" with gay marriage, for whatever screwed-up reason you want to give. I don't understand WHY you feel that way, but whatever - to each his own. But what I will never understand is what motivates people to actively lobby to deny gay people rights. Like it's just SO important to them that they're willing to take time out of their busy schedules to rally all their fellow bigots so that they can write bigotry into law.

Even with everything else that's going on in the world, REAL problems that actually DO affect everybody, these scumbags (and I only use that word because that's what they are) feel that their time is better spent setting the clock back on civil rights in America.

What is wrong with these people? How is it that their priorities got SO screwed up? Is there any hope for this country if ignorant hayseeds are STILL going to allow non-issues like this to trump everything else?


Primoa - What's "ruining our nation" is that people allow themselves to be distracted by crap like this, and they vote for "politicians" who are willing to exploit their petty bigotries in order to get into office, so that they (the politicians) can push their REAL agenda, which is raiding the US Treasury for their corporate backers.

Sorry, but it really IS time to wake up and smell the coffee. I know you cherish your irrational hatred, but that's a luxury we really can't afford right now.

Update 2:

Dove of "Peace" - thanks for that digest of the standard set of non-arguments. But to take you down point-by-point:

1. "Moral relativism." 150 years ago, the Bible was used to justify slavery. I suppose it was just a "relativistic whim" that caused people to do an about-face on that position.

2. The Bible. According to the same chapter in Leviticus that condemns homosexuality, parents are to kill their disobedient children. Elsewhere the rules for selling one's daughter into sex slavery are laid out. If you truly believe the Bible is a moral arbiter, I pity you AND your kids.

3. "Homosexuality is not natural." Nature begs to differ.

4. Comparison of homosexuality to bestiality, etc etc - so I guess what you're saying is that you can't think of any RATIONAL reason why homosexuality is "bad," so you have to compare it to all sorts of other deleterious behaviors to which it is totally unrelated.

5. Gay marriage destroys the family - just plain crazy, insane, ludicrous, alarmist BS.

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    So we get primoa who insists that not only is there a "homosexual agenda" but that it's somehow ruining the nation - needless to say he doesn't supply a single example; beta_fishy saying it affects our nation's moral health but doesn't cite an example; Buddy R claiming it's God's word but cites only scripture from a book written by men; Dove of Peace saying describing it is a "practice", as though loving another human being is anything that should REQUIRE practice; Kara saying that this is the last moral straw, and God is somehow going to unleash more natural disasters to wake us up; Fat Dummy Shark who seems to think that gay marriage is going to make people magically want to marry dead people, kids and animals; and last but certainly not least, the ever-reasonable Fireball speaking on behalf of God, again, via the words in a man-made book.

    jonjon, I give you the face of 21st century Christianity. There's no winning with these people; there's only exposing their evil and locking them up in nice little padded rooms wherever possible.

    Go Catholic, a late entry - "Until my dying day, I will get in their faces and tell them what God thinks of them" - Again, you don't speak for God. You speak for a book that purports to speak for God, and the words contained therein are vague at best and cruel at worst. And how often exactly do you encounter two homosexuals on the street in a passionate lip lock? I think you'll find MOST homosexuals are containing private actions to private places. As for what you're teaching your children, that's of course your business too, but I have to wonder at any kind of morality that takes issue with two people loving each other.

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    Spiritually speaking, it's so we can ask a question that might be on shaky ground as far as Y!A and the report monkeys are concerned. It seems silly, but it usually works. And there are some people who still care about violation notices. I think most of us figure that any given account is on borrowed time if you participate in this Forum often, but there are those who just don't like getting VN's.

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    jonjon ... I would like to say this with all of the respect I have for you, so please take it in that light.

    For every highly visible, vocal, up-in-arms opponent of gay marriage who is now motivated by the California court ruling to say some pretty ugly things in reaction to it, there are hundreds more who may not be on their heels but are definitely wondering just what on earth we're supposed to do now.

    Seriously. If we say anything -- and I mean anything -- that isn't 100% supportive of this, we are immediately shouted down (and not just by gays) as bigots, hayseeds, scumbags, hypocrites, you name it. (Not singling out the terms you used, jonjon, but they're flying around quite a lot now.) And the "hate speech" card is getting tossed down rather often, as well. Reasoned dialogue and attempts at understanding, on both sides, get chucked right out the window. Is this what you really want? Everyone who doesn't think legalizing homosexual marriage is the most wonderful breakthrough in civil rights history can just shut up and deal?

    When everybody on both sides grows up a bit, puts down the pitchforks and tomatoes they lob at each other, and actually allows this discussion to run its course -- because, after all, this is a rather radical change for folks to take in -- then perhaps you won't see as much knee-jerk reactionary demand to fight this tooth and nail. But to just lay it on us and say "deal with it" serves only to push most of the opposition into silence ... though not necessarily inaction.

    Personally, I'd much rather see opposition and argument in the light of day than suppressed, smoldering resentment; that's the sort of situation from which many ugly things can crawl.

    Many Christians -- and other people of faith, for that matter -- probably won't ever come to full acceptance of this; what I pray that we do eventually come around to, legalized marriage or not, is calling a halt to the vilification of gays as if they are lepers, and that can start with an indefinite moratorium on that overused hedge of "love the sinner, hate the sin" behind which some true bigotry often hides. Beyond that, I don't pretend to have all the answers. But I'm pretty sure that ramping up the name-calling on both sides isn't one.

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    The reason, and the motivation, that makes people actively lobby to deny gay people rights is usually their own personal beliefs - combined with other people's beliefs, and support. They hold their own beliefs - just as you do - and you are expressing now, right here. Every person is entitled to their own opinions .. and .. they probably feel like their priorites are in tact.

    It's just a difference of opinions, beliefs, and they chose their own battles - just like everyone else ... that's all.

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    Those who say gay marriage is a threat to the family are merely admitting that they are too stupid to teach their children their own brand of morality,and expect their children will get their moral values from peeping through the windows of gay couples' bedrooms. either that, or they are so insecure in their untenable beliefs that they fear that their own children will reject those beliefs if allowed a choice. This is also why they want prayer and creationism in schools, and they won't fee safe until their b*****t dogma is ubiquitous. Brainwashing and intolerance is their desperate effort to assure that their children will be "true" christians.

    10% of their offspring will be gay regardless. Closeted, repressed, in denial, pretending to be hetero but gay nevertheless. Perhaps xtian parents prefer this horrible fate for their children over open healthy gay relationships, rather than accept reality over their bigoted moronic beliefs.

    But nature will out, and some of them may get caught in the public eye like the Rev. Haggard did. Come to think of it, do you suppose some of these anal ,repressed xtians who are the most vociferous in these forums are part of that 10%?

    Hmmm. Maybe I'll try to be kinder to them...they might be one of us, but have been braiwashed and are afraid. This is what hell really is. How ironic...and sad.

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    For the simple reasons that the Elder Scrolls V:Skyrim gamer poop series taught us.

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    Speaking of non-arguments, do you have any arguments that don't boil down to "we should be allowed to because we want to"? Remember, gay "marriage" is the novelty in this equation and the burden of proof is therefore on you. No one is trying to turn the clock back on civil rights, rather, a handful of radicals is trying to invent new ones. Congrats, you can now be a protected minority class of citizen based on sexual deviance.

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    I think it comes down simply to the matter of power/control.

    They want to be better than *someone*... some group of "evil-doers", but by making gay marriage legal, it then becomes acceptable by others, thus weakening their imagined position in the universe as well as further weakening the facade they have created for themselves as their gods' "chosen ones".

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    I do not agree with gay lifestyle but I would never waste my time going out publicly opposing this law. I do, however, pray about it.. I am not surprised at all with the decision of the court because we are living in the end times. If you read the 'seals' in Revelations, you will understand what is happening. No one person in charge will ever change this world, it is not to be..

    I do not judge others, that is not my job.. People do what they want to, that is their right but I do not have to approve of it.

    People say it is not 'normal' to be gay and then others say "well, what is normal anyway?" Well in my Christian world and according to Gods word, it is an abomination.

    I agree with you on one thing, why do people take time out of their busy schedules to rally? I have far more to do, as a Christian, than that.. I do not partake of worldly things but I certainly stay in constant prayer of this ol' ragged world we live in and my main prayer is for lost souls..

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    OK - I'm gay, so maybe I'm biased... but what IS the big deal? I mean, why do some people freak out about gay marriage? It's 2008. It frightens me to think that this attitude of intolerance is still so prevalent in a country that's supposed to be a global leader.

    And Buddy R - how fast do you type??????????? Wowsa - that's a blessing for sure.

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