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Can the mistreatment of Native Americans constitute genocide?

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    Genocide was practiced up to the 1970s/1980s

    • No one even today knows exactly how many Native American women were sterilized during the "1970s"

    .Sterilization of Native American Women

    • Rampant sexual abuse at reservation schools continued until the end of the "1980s"

    • more than 50,000 deaths of Native children in the Canadian residential school system

    SOUL WOUND: The Legacy of Native American Schools.

    In "1978", Congress passed the Indian Child Welfare Act which brought about the end of the federal government's policy of forcibly transferring native American children to Indian Boarding Schools.

    Reservation Schools law suit

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    Affirmative! Genocide is not defined as the killing of a lot of people, but as the willful destruction of a peoples their culture , the suppression of their language and the loss of their nationhood and the loss of their lives. Therefor the case for the American Indian or The South American Indian is a case study in cultural genocide, just the same as for European Jews, European Gypsies or Romanii.

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    Only if the mistreatment results in the deaths of large numbers that is what genocide is.

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    How lengthy are we gonna speak approximately this rubbish too? A THOUSAND years? I am no longer culpable for what a few people did ago and I would possibly not be feeling responsible for it every time in my lifetime. I endorse you progress on.

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    i think, yes!

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