cologne question.... i need real answers?

when i put on cologne i can't smell it on me after a little while but people around me say they can smell it is this possible??? should i spray more everytime i don't smell it?

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    "Spray it to the areas of your body that produce the most body heat. When applying the cologne behind the ears, wrists, chest, and neck, spray it onto your hands and wipe it on your skin or spray directly onto the areas.

    NOTE: For best results, PAT cologne on desired parts of body, do not rub for the natural oils on your skin will cover the cologne/perfume and it wont last as long."

    So, how do I apply this stuff? Cologne reacts to body heat, so the best places to apply are on the wrists and around the chest/neck. My routine is to apply one spray to the left wrist and rub that on the right wrist. Then, I spray once or twice on the chest. Some people like to put some on the back of the neck to create a scent trail or on the backs of the ears.


    "oil-based perfumes will penetrate the skin, causing the fragrance to stay."

    alcohol based perfumes: Alcohol is a drying agent. Alcohol evaporates from most porous materials within a short period of time."


    Personal note: I use an oil base cologne - with minimal application in the morning, it does last all day. (Jovan musk oil)

    The reason other people can still smell it on you while you don't is because you have gotten accustomed / naturalized to the scent. Other people aren't.

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    do dont spray on more, because I can never smell my hypnotic poison on me but others can, so it must be normal

  • 1 decade ago

    you become accustomed to it i guess

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