how long can a human live with only water?


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    The human body can survive a surprisingly long time on water alone, but it is nowhere near six months. When the body is deprived of new fuel (i.e., food), it breaks into its energy reserves to keep going. The body stores energy in the form of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

    After one day without food, the body will have used up its carbohydrates, which are stored as glycogen in liver and muscle cells. After that, it's on to the fat reserves. Your average Joe/Jane, weight-wise, has enough fat reserves to live for four to six weeks without food. After that, the body begins to use its protein reserves (basically, the body itself). Body proteins are used up at a much faster rate than fat, and you could really only get another two to three weeks out of protein. At that point, however, you can't really call it living since so much irreparable damage has been done to the body, including the brain.

    Bottom line: an average person could live for about eight weeks on water alone, give or take about a week for an over- or underweight person, respectively.

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    there's a proverb in my u . s . that proclaims you are able to no longer final one morning without water. yet i think it relies upon on a man or woman's will to stay and how lots a individual needs to hold on and not supply up. that variety of will makes your physique combat better than you think of it could. i've got heard of rescue thoughts the place survivors lived on no nutrition or water for better than a million/2 a month.

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    I read somewhere than a person can live for months without food. But fasting on just water is not recommended.

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    A good rule of thumb that my science teacher told me about is the 'Rule of Three'

    Three minutes without air (not holding you breath but being deprived of fresh air)

    Three days without water

    Three weeks without food

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  • 1 decade ago

    without water is 20 days without food is around a month

    world record without food and water is 18days^_^

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    Until they use up all of their body fat and muscle.

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