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The right position of Adverbs

One day, however, one of the scientists decided to reduce the speed of the audiotapes of the "dolphin talk". To his surprise, he discovered that the whistles and clicks, at a slow speed, sounded more like human sounds.

I wonder where the right position of the Adverbs should it put ?

As the sample above : I found the adverbs of "however" or even "then" are often put on followed by subject or at the begining of the sentence.

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    一天, 然而, 科學家的當中一個決定減少"海豚談話的" 錄聲磁帶的速度。對於他的意外, 他發現, 口哨和點擊, 以慢速, 聽起來更多像人的聲音。

    我想知道何處副詞的正確的位置應該它投入了? 作為樣品上面: 我發現了副詞"然而" 甚至"然後" 經常被投入繼續被主題或在begining 句子。

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    In fact, the 'however' can both be put in the beginning of the sentence, or be put after a subject or other suitable words.

    For example, you can write

    ' He shouted at her. However, she just ignored him. '


    ' He shouted at her. She, however, just ignored him. '

    Sometimes, the key point is that,

    the ' however ' , ' then ' , ' therefore ' , etc.,

    can be put according to your own will, in the front or after some words,

    but I always make a decision depending on

    which way I can say the sentence more fluently.

    Also, the change of the position of these words can prevent the

    sentence from being boring.

    Like, avoid using these connectives in the front every time. Just like your

    sentence , the ' however ' follows other words.

    Hope it is clear enough!

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