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如果寫吾到10分鐘都吾緊要,,有幾多寫幾多就ok na~~


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    My senior project topic is to learn how smoking is very unhealthy and to help smoker to quit smoking.

    Interested in this topic because my friend is a heavy smoker, and he gets sick easily after smoking.

    In the United States have about 430,400 smokers killed each year; a smoking causes at least thirty kinds of illness, also the States government spend billion dollars in health care for each year.

    I think smoking does not only affect health status but also influence of their family and people who is not smoking. I think we need to urge the people quit smoking who smoke around us and we need to give them support and share how they felt about smoking.

    The main reasons of why the smokers keep smoking, is that cigarette have tobacco, nicotine, lilac, and over forty hundred chemical additives. Those ingredients could stimulate the people body and make them become addicted.

    Some of the smoker feel smoking can decrease pressure, depression, boredom and loneliness from their family, friends, school and work. The chemicals in the smoke cause people to feel better. Other smokers keep smoking because they want to keep fit; want to die or to decrease the pain in the world. Therefore, we need to use the correct manner to make the people feel better.

    Quit smoking is one of the most important thing that smoker need to do. In order for the smokers to quit smoking, they can set a diary and declare their intentions for quitting, use medications, do exercises, and eat healthy.

    They must set a schedule and think about why they need to quit and what the reason is.

    The smokers should make a diary, write down the benefits of quitting smoking, some example of benefit are: to live longer and better, for family and friends, save money and find a mate more easily. Also smokers need get a completely support from their family or friends, which share the intimate feeling with their supporters that can give rewards when smokers succeed on quitting.

    2008-05-19 16:05:01 補充:

    United States and Drug Administration had approved four nicotine patches; gum, nasal spray and inhaler are all forms of nicotine replacement therapy to help people quit smoking.

    2008-05-19 16:05:03 補充:

    It provides low levels of nicotine, which may help the smokers to quit smoking by lessening physical signs of withdrawal symptoms.

    Thirdly, the smokers can learn a new skill try to change their life. They can do exercises, play game for every day which improve the health and also help quit smoking.

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