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Prison break season 4.....

我想問season 4 sara係咪會再出現??

佢o係season 3死o左........

不過睇外國網頁話sarah會再拍season 4


仲有season 4開始拍未??

有冇關於season 4 o既information??


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    In season 3,

    Susan gave the picture of Sara's body.

    So Sara dead.

    And season 4 will show this year.

    " Season 4

    Season 4 has been officially announced by FOX and is expected to air later this year as filming of the television show is set to begin in May, 2008. Also, the return of Dr. Sara Tancredi has been revealed; as has the title of the first episode of the new season, "Scylla".[4] Season 4 officially starts on Monday August 25, 2008 at a new time slot of 9pm with a special two-hour episode. It has also been confirmed that The War at Home star Michael Rapaport will be joining the cast as a regular.

    # Title Writer Director Original airdate # in total

    1 "Scylla" Matt Olmstead TBA August 25, 2008 58

    Two-hour Season Premiere "

    I copy it from wiki, so u can go to wiki and check out more informations.

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    Sara 在 season 3 已死,仲死得好慘添,個頭都被人斬甩。所以就算有 season 4,都唔會再有 Sara 出現,除非的編劇格硬作一個孖生姊妹出黎喇!

    Source(s): 在深圳買了 season 3 的 DVD
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