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    Pineapple Shrimp Ball


    15-20 raw Prawns新鮮大蝦仁

    1 Egg white蛋白

    Salt, grounded white pepper, cooking wine, corn starch塩,白胡椒,料酒,太白粉

    1 can of pineapple (or mixed fruits, fresh mango, kiwi, peach can do too)鳯梨罐頭

    White sesame (toasted) & Mayonnaise白芝蔴+美乃滋


    1) Marinate prawns w/ 1 egg white, pinch of salt and pepper, 1t wine, and 1t corn starch for at least 10 min先把蝦仁和一個生蛋白,一點塩,白胡椒,酒和太白粉攪拌均勻醃個10分以上

    2) Heat oil to a frying degree then keep the temperature. Pat the prawns one by one in corn starch then fry them till the color change (last time I just blended more corn starch into the bowl before frying, then put all of them in the wok at once).熱油鍋到油起泡泡時將火轉至中小火保持恒温,將蝦仁一一過太白粉入油鍋炸至變色就可起鍋(我一向偷懶,總是在下油鍋前再多放一堆太白粉輕裹住蝦仁一起倒入油鍋中炸,另外,我用油較少,所以其實是有點半煎半炸)

    3) Mix mayonnaise, toasted white sesame, and pineapple chunks together (here, you can have it done at preparation as well. And if you like, you can also add some drops of lemon juice)將美乃滋和炒香的白芝麻及鳯梨塊拌勻的調拌

    4) Drain the oil from the cooked prawns and wait for some minutes for cooling. Mix the prawns and the sauce together. VIOLA!! 把蝦仁多餘的油用餐巾紙吸掉,待一兩分稍涼後和美乃滋醬拌勻,HAHAHA就好了!!8D9BD...


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