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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHigher Education (University +) · 1 decade ago

Can Columbia Students, Graduates Alumni or People who know Info About This School Help Me ? Thankyou?

I am a junoir and I am going to be a senoir and I want to Apply Next year witha 3.4-3.5 . The thing is , is that my gpa CANNOT get me into comlumbia college - I want to get into thier General Studies School for good reasons though. The thing is is that I hear it is for non-traditional students ( marines, parents, Year off kids ). But I want to come straight out of high school thier....I heard they do accept SOME right out of high school though:

I have ADHD and it caused me to get by with B's and C's Untill Jr. year when I got medicated and know gettting straight A's and enrolled in 5 APs which I will breeze through senoir year . I want to have the option to go part time and full time due to my disablity and this school can offer that for me while supplying a prestigious education . I want to Go to medical school and they offer pre-med as well. I have been in the junoir olympics, won two national titles, award fromt he city, been on a T.V show,


I work for a medical firm, Lifeguard, 400 community service hours, my mother is an Israeli and I heard a lot of Israeli soldiers attend their which makes me more versatile to their college. I come from one of the best schools in California and in the nation as well. I have been around the country for sports. I have Family (Uncle with my last name) Alumni at the Journalism school who graduated with Honors. SAT 1900(I could bring it up before I apply) – So I want to know anything and everything about this college and what are my chances. I looked at the website and it says they do accept kid’s right out of high school but that’s all it said and nothing more. Any thoughts? Help? Chances?

Update 2:

Sorry about the spelling , this was done with cursory.

Update 3:

My number are not good but I I hear thier General Studies program is very lineant on gpa with this college and I would apply to thier disabilty programs. I have heard many rumors about how they accept kids with bad grades as well??? whats the truth here.

I am a female by the way ...I know it does not matter but just to make yuo aware if it does.

Update 4:

Just incase I am talking about COLUMBA GENERAL STUDIES . Not the other colleges.

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    I don't think your numbers are good enough.

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