How can I fix my computer? There are buffer/Norton Antivirus/Symantec problems among others...?

My laptop was working fine 2 Sundays ago, the next day, it wouldn't start. After that, it went just VERY slowly. I am constantly getting messages that "The Buffer is Overrun!" it also does not let me get onto sites like Yahoo or Facebook. The Google and Ask toolbar were deleted and I also cannot open itunes or upload pictures! How do I fix this? I already deleted the history, cookies and some programs thinking they may be the cause if a virus got in (I had mp3rocket).

I also HAD Norton Antivirus/Symantec, which the subscription expired for that day. Would that have an effect? It keeps telling me the main error is I need to update my subscription (which I don't want to, it's $40). However, if that's what it takes.

Thank you for any help regarding the situation!


Wow, seems like general problem in the Norton! Thanks so much for responding quickly! If I could pick you all for best answer I would!

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    here are a few things you can do

    1) keep the windows installation disk handy

    2) uninstall norton antivirus if it has expired and you do not want to upgrade it

    3) download a freeware antivirus like avast home edition and install it

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    If the exact quote for the error is "The Buffer is Overrun!", it seems extremely suspicious. Few if any legit programs will offer grammatically incorrect error messages.

    Perhaps your computer was targeted and it [they?] waited until your Norton subscription ran out. Or a freak occurrence.

    If you can get a second system running off CD/external drive/second partition, run another system scan using a software other than Norton (bleh!). BitDefender, Avant, AVG are all good choices.

    Good luck!

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    First run norton removal tool:

    Then download a good free AV like Avira or Avast not AVG 8 (poor detection rate & eats memory like Norton).

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    hey i had that problem on my pc

    even i had norton it was working fine until it expired

    after that a lot of problem like what you said

    it never let me use explorer or go to some sites

    may be Norton caused all pc could not chase a snail if you know what i mean

    what i did to save my pc:

    1)reinstalled xp

    2)installed avast free edition antivirus

    3)installed zone alarm fire wall(simply superb)

    4)no problem at all works fine

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    Download AVG and delete Norton. Run an anti-virus scan with AVG.

    Download Windows Defender and Spybot and run their anti-spyware scans.

    Should take care of most of your issues.

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    I will remove Norton if I was you. That sucker eats so much RAM. Get yourself a light Antivirus like AVG 8.

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    You need bitpump which you get from analog x and DAP from and then go to and search the software you want then click on the software and then what you have to do is to right click on the download this torrent option and select the download with DAP option and when the download completes click the run tab then the download starts with bitpump

    You can get all softwares from here for free

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    PLEASE!!! delete both, I had them and never agin', they screwed up my desktop for a's still not right yet, even after geek squad...for me avg 7.5 antivirus and zone alarm and winpatrol (firewalls) are all I need and all are compatable and best of all are free...

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