The President sure got Obama's camp fired up with his appeasement speech in Jerusalem. Is Obama feeling guilty

I mean his name wasn't even mentioned and his people are blasting Bush big time for the speech, which I thought was pretty direct and to the point, not to mention the truth. He was comparing the appeasement of Hitler in the 1930's and the people in congress that were for it (isolationists) to the people in congress today that are isolationist appeasers also. They want to talk directly with the state sponsors of terrorism. All they would do is take that as a sign of weakness. As though they could ever talk them out of being evil. So my question is, why did Obama and Co. automatically think that the President was talking about him? Doesn't that seem strange to you?


Check out DF's answer. Here we have the "typical" Obama disciple displaying her super high IQ once again.

Update 2:

williebonkazz, the "New Hitler's" that your god Obama wants to appease are Amadenijad, Chavez, Bin Laden and Kim, just to name a few. BTW, I know more about history than you obviously even do about current events that are going on all around you.

Update 3:

4ver-asking, I think you are 100% correct about your prediction. The gloves are fixin' to come off and I think it is going to be a quick KO of Obama by John McCain with the help of the President.

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    Nothing strange about it. Obama rests his candidacy, in large part, on his oposition to the Iraq war, and part of the rationale is that we should have used diplomacy - which, afterall, had only been given 11 years to work - instead. Similarly, he offers engagement with Iran, Syria and so forth as a means to resolve Iraq. He's an apeaser. It's his whole foriegn-policy platform. An attack on apeasement is an attack on Obama.

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    sometime, the Republicans will ask the actual question? "Why did we no longer win?" You had the wonderful probability of the century. there have been such lots of on the fence this time waiting to be persuaded. So, what replaced into the actual reason Republicans lost? that isn't the only they made up. I paid taxes under each President. i'm no longer undesirable. i'm no longer wealthy. I paid for each little thing I even have. Now, why did no longer I vote for Republican? I wasn't that happy with Pres Obama. i'm in simple terms as happy as i replaced into as quickly as I voted for him.

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    He could be feeling guilty if you ask me...

    Bush spoke the truth, and I'm glad to of seen McCain stick it to Obama. His associations with terrorist need to be brought out into the open, I'm tired of seeing it being swept under the rug by the media time after time.

    What else the media has managed to cover up is that all of Israel clapped and cheered from what bush said.

    They don't want a "softy on terrorism" & a sympathizer to Hamas in office as much as us.... Hamas is sending rockets into Israel daily. They don't want peace... they want Israel.

    The Liberal Media is doing all they can to cover for Obama, but the real actual smart people are keeping an eye on this, and we're not going to vote our country away.

    Obama is unelectable in The United States Of America.

  • indy2
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    You hit the nail on the head

    and it's so funny that the dems got all upset

    what a bunch of idiots

    Bidens an A$$

    Obamas An A$$

    Pelosi = big mouth A$$

    Deans an A$$

    at least Hillary kept her mouth shut (she's too smart)

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    Hum, interesting point. Appeasment has been talked about for several years now. Come to think of it, while Obama was still "new" (in Senate). So, assuming Bush is talking about Obama is odd.

  • Anonymous
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    See, everyone claimed Hillary ran a dirty campaign but as I have always said everyone has been very light on Obama. Bush, summed it up very nicely and openly. Obama is no savior he is not even a Church man anymore. I love it the way the Republicans can get to the truth of the matter. Now, Obama can spin it like he wants to and I do believe Bush was not talking specifically about Obama, but I must say Bush got it exactly right.

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    The campaign for the general election wont be like the democratic primaries, Obama wont be able to shut the republicans up the way he did Hillary, I enjoyed Bush's speech.

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    Both Hilary and Edwards criticized Obama for his saying he would have a nice talk with the terrorists.It is a correct assessment of the thinking of these peace-nik softballs. BHO is a lost little boy when it comes to National defense.

    If you don't believe it; why did he cry like a baby when McCain brought up the subject.

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    Obama knows he borrowed campaign tricks from Hitler and some of his 18-25 year olds are so nasty and aggressive like Nazi Youth SS or an angry Jihad... so BO read a lot into Bush's speech.. and maybe jumped to conclusions that were not intended.

  • i seen that. one of obamas speech writers is on the blogs, he has wrote on 127 blogs in the last couple hours spreading the word of how repuiblicans took a personal swipe at obama.

    funny, I heard the speech bush made and he said NOTHING about obama!

    so yes, its guilty feelings of obamas that makes that choice.


    I find it funny.

    when you look into obamas career, he is KNOWN for doing this to his other candidates. in 2 elections he was in, he dwindled his competition down from 5 to 0 by doing this. LOL

    now, "his chickens have come home to roost!"

    I love it!

    Source(s): also, just once again, obama is mad because he didnt think of something like that!
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