What constitutes a "wife" for bigamy?

I'm in a rather unique situation. I have two girls who very much love me and love each other. I know I can't go through legal marriage with both of them, that would be bigamy. But I'm wondering how far it goes.

The Edumnds Act of 1882 makes "bigamous cohabitation" a misdemenor, I can only assume "bigamous cohabitation" is being married to one woman and having another living with you. Is that correct?

The next question is: what if I don't legally marry either? Can I still refer to them both as "wife"

I'm attempting to stay within the law, but am having trouble finding the actual legal texts.



I suppose I should have expected the disaproval. And I'm not going to try and defend our actions except to say that it was as much (if not more) their idea as mine.

But more to the point, I'm not going to convince you, but do you really think you're going to convince me out of it? Please leave editorials aside.

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    Actually it made it a felony! The Act has more to do with the right to vote!

    Bigamy is under the law not cohabitation, it is being married to more than 1 person whether you cohabitate or not!

    This case has to do with that act!

    "In the two cases last referred to, the allegations of the complaint show not only that the several plaintiffs were legally entitled to be registered as voters, but declare that the refusal of the registration officers to admit them to the list was wrongful and malicious. The demurrers admit the plaintiffs' case, as thus stated, and therefore ought to have been overruled.

    It follows that the judgments in the three cases in which Jessie J. Murphy, Ellen C. Clawson, and Hiram B. Clawson, her husband, and James M. Barlow are the respective plaintiffs, are affirmed as to all the defendants; in the two cases in which Mary Ann M. Pratt and Mildred E. Randall, and Alfred Randall, her husband, are the plaintiffs, respectively, the judgments in favor of the five defendants, Alexander Ramsey, A. S. Paddock, G. L. Godfrey, A. B. Carleton, and J. R. Pettigrew are affirmed, and as to the defendants, E. D. Hoge, John S. Lindsay, and Harmel Pratt, the judgments are reversed, and as to them the cases are remanded with instructions to overrule the demurrers, and for further proceedings. And it is so ordered."

    Judgement by the US Supreme Court ,

    Link to the Case Preview: http://supreme.justia.com/us/114/15/

    Link to the Full Text of Case: http://supreme.justia.com/us/114/15/case.html

    U.S. Supreme Court

    Murphy v. Ramsey, 114 U.S. 15 (1885)

    Murphy v. Ramsey

    Argued January 28, 1885

    Decided March 23, 1885

    114 U.S. 15



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    If all are in agreement, I would use the term "room mates" and leave it at that. Wife? No, that would not be politically or legally correct. Significant Other however, is a very widely accepted term, and not illegal as far as I know.

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    God they're both lucky girls... not. Bigamy is marrying them both in a state mandated legal marriage. And if you're not married they're not your "wife" unless you're in a common law state (there's only 7 of those left) and are together for the number of years required.

    How about you cut them both lose so they can find a real boyfriend?

    Source(s): Oh, sorry, taking orders from a slimebag like you just isn't in my nature. Better stick with those spineless females you're sleeping with.
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  • Rex K
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    Don't weaken & marry either one..Why break up a good friendship. Charlie Manson tried it..

  • Anonymous
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    For a bigamist - your wife is your daughter.

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