Y&R … boring or what?!?

Come on the show is getting boring. I could write these lame story lines…or should I say a .lot better! So, Lilly is going to be the next Cricket? Who cares about her modeling career…have her go to China. Another psycho killer is needed on the show, like Sheila Carter…but DON’T bring her back to life, she’s DEAD already! - Jenna would be a good candidate, to have her go back to her old ways…and end all lovey dovey crap with Kevin. Okay, they will have Nick and Sharon getting back together. Dru, is going to come back, after surviving her fall, and losing her memory…living another life, far away, until strangely she starts to remember her past!.......OKAY, heard and seen it before! …come on Y&R your writers seem to lost their edge!

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    I agree with you, it's definitely been boring lately. Part of the problem is that the writers dddddrrrrraaaaggggggg the story lines out or just leave us hanging. What happened to Ji-Men's murder case? Wasn't the Newman jet sabotaged? Did Korbel have anything to do with the death of Heather's roommate in college? Who exactly is David Chow/Clarke? What are Sabrina and Adam's real intentions? Who was Kane talking to after the paternity results and he said something to the effect of "I'm in"? Last, but not least-Is Gloria ever going to get hers for tainting the face cream? See what I mean, the writers drag these story lines out for so long that it gets boring, they need to pick up the pace!

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    Lily can't go to china. Colleen is already there. And her modeling career? she is as photogenic as a fireplug. This girl needs a haircut and serious hair color change.

    Don't we already have psycho killers on the show? they are just redeemed. Kevin, Jana, Michael.

    Nick and sharon should get back together but what do I know ? I am a recent viewer. I never saw them together. I expected Dru to show up the second Karen moved in with Neil. Another memory loss. Gee, we haven't seen that since fifteen minutes ago with NIck.

    Y & R launches a new magazine. so does Gh.

    Y & R has John the ghost,. GH has two ghost. Father and daughter no less. And B&B just jumped on the band wagon and had a little ghostly visit just so they wouldn't be left out.

    this show has been number one for years and that is why I tried it and i haven't found any reason that it is. I will stick with GH where I can expect outrageous writing.

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    Y&R has periods like this.. especially during the summer. Fortunately for me, my allergy medicine has been kicking in right when Y&R comes on, so I've been sleeping most this week at that time! It doesn't seem like I miss anything when I watch it the next time. I don't necessarily want another psycho killer on the show, but a new story that hasn't been told yet.

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    Yeah, I agree with you 100%. It does get boring. It got so boring that I quit watching it for about 5 years and just started back watching it about a year ago...so yeah they need to speed up the pace and get things rolling again and yeah Sheila Carter/Phyllis or who ever it is supposed to be I mean talk about confusing and weird....(gasp) ooh hey that would be good...to twist it around and make it look like Sheila wasn't the one who got shot but Phyllis and that Sheila is still alive!!! That would really send Lauren over the edge!!! LOL!

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    Puesto Del Sol

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    I've always felt Y&R is very slow. I've always loved the characters, setting, family power struggle theme, and the opening theme song, but I've always felt that their stories moved very slowly and that they don't use enough dramatic background music in a major scene or cliffhanger. Their cut aways always seem anticlimatic, because they don't use the awesome background music B&B does and GL used to be notorious for in the 90's.

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    wow! You are SOOOO right. I used to loved that show! (and still WANT to like it) but it has gotten so uninteresting. WHY did HOPE come back just to die??? lol What a joke! And the Victoria story is just so silly. She has to be 35 years old and she's pouting about who her father dates! Such crap. The other Victoria was so much more interesting. I wanted Nick and Sharon to re-unite but I guess that's water under the bridge....Jack and Sharon---that so RIDICULOUS!!! ....hopefully the Y & R producers will wake up and hire new writers!

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    Ever since Mr. Bell died, the stories have been going down hill, B&B has got back interesting. I do miss classic Y&R days when Cassie was still alive, Malcolm, and both Nates were still on the show.

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    sO AGRRE,,,they have been a bit lazy here<<Maybe on Vacation>>being a Y&R watcher since 1974,,this has been one of the most druggggg out year<<where is the storys going without wrapping up a storyline???

    As much as I dislike some of these 'dead', lost people,,BRING them back,,even if its just for a new storyline!!!


    great question!

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    I agree the storylines are lame, especially the one with Chloe, why would Lily and Devon want her in their midst is beyond me. She acts like such a spoiled brat that Chloe, why can't she get a place of her own,? Why should they feel sorry for her, after all she is an adult and shouldn't need to be staying with those two children.

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