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Latin homework help??

Im having some trouble with my latin homework and i need some help. can anyone translate this? ::

Piratae malī ā virīs oppidī captī sunt atque statim parant celerem mortem piratīs.

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    The bad/evil/wicked pirates were captured by the men of the town and [now] they immediately prepared a quick death for the pirates.


    piratae mali: "pirata" is one of those rare masculine 1st declension nouns, hence the masculine "mali". cp. "nauta" (sailor) and "scriba" (scribe)

    a viris: ablative of agent; used with passive voice conjugations ("capti sunt") to indicate the person/thing performing the action.

    piratis: dative; indirect object of "parant"

    * Note that the structure of the Latin sentence doesn't confirm to strict grammar rules: as written "piratae" should be the subject of "parant", such that the pirates (not the men of the town) were the ones preparing to kill someone. By context, however, because of the dative "piratis" at the end, the English translation associates the townsmen as the subject of "parant".

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    et tu brute? sorry that's all i know of a dead language. i do speak castellano, though, y todo el lunfardo. i'm sure someone here will know the translation, but I'd also try a web latin-english translation engine. google it.

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    google latin translator or translator u have a google toolbar dont u

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