How much to install an aftermarket head unit?

Hey, everyone!

Just wondering how much it will set me back to install an aftermarket head unit.

I drive a 1998 Saturn SC2.

I will need: an in-dash thingy (LOL), wiring harness and an adapter/antenna.

All that for $95.00.

Is that a rip off? LOL!

I am unable to install it all myself, so I am getting it professionally done!


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  • 1 decade ago
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    depneding on the harness they are giving 2002 cavalier needed a $60 harness (class II data bus) because if you remove the factory radio, you loose you gauge functions and some other stuff cause they run through the radio. the class II data bus allows you to by pass the factoty radio w/o these issues.

    being a 1998, not sure if thats when that started to do it. different GM models started in different years. i'm willing to bet why thats so high.

  • 3 years ago

    If those door audio equipment are the only audio equipment, different than your sub, on your truck do now no longer improve them. Run them off of your head unit. in the event that they are no longer the only audio equipment and that they are 6x9 indoors the cut back back, i ought to run a separate small amp (under a hundred watts max score consistent with channel). surely do now no longer improve some thing it somewhat is indoors the front or smaller than a 0.5-way sturdy 6x9. The aftermarket head unit will furnish sufficient potential if it somewhat is so.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    for that you can buy a brand new cd player at audio express and have it installed for 1$ in STL

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