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What is the london 845 area code for?

I do not have problems reaching london with other area codes- just the 845 one. I'm trying to call a number in london with an 845 # and it won't go through. I thought it was just that particular #, but then I had to call another # which also happened to have the 845 area code and Same problem there too. I'm making the calls from the US. I dial 011-44-845- the rest

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    that's probably because (0)845 is not a geographical area code - in the UK all phone numbers beginning 08 are "business rate services". 0845 numbers are national (and commercial) numbers which are charged as local numbers. Some may also be premium rate phone numbers and may be charged as such from abroad - see:

    Also the specific number you are trying to call might only work from within the UK.

    I suggest trying their website (if they have one) to see if you can email them instead.

    N.B. - the first answer to this question says that you should dial 00 44 845... but 00 is the code for dialling OUT of the UK - you are right to dial 011 44 845... as 011 is the code for dialling OUT of the USA.

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    Area Code 845

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    you have to dial 0044 845.

    It not a local number but a national one, like a business or something.

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    0845 is not an area code

    have a look at

    the comments on this page about calls from abroad might explain why you're having difficulties

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