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I've already been through two breakups already, but why does this one hurt me so much?!?

My girlfriend and I broke up, just a month ago. We've been through a lot, together--I mean, literally everything! To hell and back, through thick and thin, come hell or high water! And now, this?! Suddenly! She's breaking up with me BECAUSE SHE'S CHINESE, and her parents want her to break up with me! I reasoned she was Chinese-American, but she said that it's all about tradition, and that I don't understand! Now, she's leaving, and her parents want her to go back to China with them! They want her to marry her second cousin, too!

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    She has a choice - you or her parents.

    It hurts because of the depth of your love. If you fall off the first step of a ladder it hurts less than if you fall off the fifth. If you break up after having coffee a couple of times it doesn't hurt as much as if you had gone through thick and thin together.

    Ask her to marry you to make her choice crystal clear; you and lose her family, them and lose you.

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