why do people take drugs?

where do drugs came from who invented drugs and why it is illegal.

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    I'm going to assume that you are talking about substance abuse, which includes illegal substances, but also legal substances used in illegal ways. Also, alcohol is a drug, although it is legal in most countries in the world, and widely used as a recreational drug.

    1) People take recreational drugs to expand their minds, or to escape reality, or to enhance their senses, or even to dull their senses. Some people take drugs for creativity as well, hence why it is popular with professional musicians and artists, and why there can be such glamour associated with substance abuse, and with substance abusers.

    2) No one invented drugs, although people may have invented certain individual drugs like LSD, whose inventor recently passed away. Anything called a "drug" is simply a chemical compound, ocurring in nature, or man-made, which affects our brains and bodies in different ways.

    When speaking about recreational drugs, the effects on our bodies and minds can be pleasurable, uncomfortable, or even lethal or disabling. Recreational drugs have been used by humans for thousands of years, in even the most tribalistic cultures. Even animals have been known to abuse certain substances for similar reasons to us.

    3) Drugs are illegal for a variety of reasons. Usually, the health risks associated with the drugs are the main problem, but alcohol has many more health risks than some illegal drugs. Health problems are associated particularly with "harder" drugs like LSD and heroin which can cause severe permanent brain damage, or even kill. The addictive nature of drugs like crack cocaine can lead to extreme behaviour in order to meet the needs of the behaviour, and in addition to brain damage, can ruin lives of the addicted. In other cases, a political agenda may affect the legality of the drugs, as is (arguably) the case with marijuana, which has increasing medical benefits, and as further studies are performed, seemingly few health or addiction risks.

    Drugs can have very beneficial effects, but the risk is that people will decide to use drugs without being fully informed as to the consequences, and because of this, governments take it upon themselves to decide what should be used medicinally, what should be used socially, and what should be illegal.

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    People want to escape their problems and they want to feel better . They want an easy way out in life they think it will be OK. Taking drugs is like using a credit card there will be a payback time. Sometimes they want to experiment or they have peer pressure. Drugs can be a bondage for some people they cannot get free.Drugs have been invented for all time in ancient history in the bible there was the apothecary who was the druggist and the bible says that the flies of death cause the apothecary's ointment to have a stinking savor.

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    first advil is over the counter ritalin is nice up there with caffeine and meths they are uppers--lsd mushrooms are hallucination drugs nicotine is addicted drug as is methadonepot and hash are social drugs cheese is what you order to your pizza once you get the munchies i placed meth down as i study methadone incorrectly

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    Because they want to take drugs. ERR ROOF!

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