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How Come when?

How come when you talk, when u hear yourself u sound different than when some one hears you?

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    Hello,, actually when you talk you sound exactly like when someone hears you. It's just when you hear yourself talk on say a recording you don't think you sound like you. We've done that before and I always say,, is that really what I sound like?? LOL,, I talk with a very heavy southern drawl but I don't hear it when I talk,, only when I hear it on a recording. But everybody tells me thats exactly the way I sound. I guess we get so accustomed to the way we talk, we don't really listen when we talk. I always thought it was funny.

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    maybe it's because you always hear your own voice, so it doesn't become "different" to you. But when someone who doesn't hear your own voice as often as you do, it may seems different compared to their pitch or to what they hear and how they perceive the sound.

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