Are there any subsidize housing availble is St louis, Mo? where can i sign up and how long is the waiting list

Im currently living in Chicago, IL with my 11 yr old son and my boyfriend. need to find my own place. any suggestions.

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    The waiting list for Section 8 is enormous.

    For the city:

    I can't find a consumer site for the county, only a site for landlords, but here's the address and phone number:

    Housing Authority of St. Louis County

    8865 Natural Bridge

    St. Louis, Mo 63121

    (314) 428-3200

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  • 1 decade ago

    To be eligible for subsidized housing, you must be over 65 and retired, and/or permanently and totally disabled. These people always get priority on Section 8 housing vouchers or subsidized housing. Anyone who is low income and applies goes on a waiting list and will only get something if and when the elderly and disabled are housed.

    Since you are not a resident of St. Louis, you cannot get on a list for St. Louis.

    Since the waiting list for Section 8 averages more than 3 years, and the waiting lists for subsidized housing averages more than 5 years in most places, you need to get a job and pay for your own apartment or go to a homeless shelter. There simply is not enough subsidized housing available to provide for all of the elderly and disabled, and especially not for anyone who is able to work. Even those on welfare do not necessarily qualify for subsidized housing.

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