How does Canada feel about its new police state bill?

(C-51, the one disguised as a health bill?)

If you haven't heard of it, a discussion paper can be found here:

See also:

"Canada’s Police State Bill C-51 Camouflaged as a Health Bill"

And how is this related to the Security and Prosperity Partnership between US, Canada and Mexico?

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    I don't know. All I can say is that people willingly accept tyranny only under some delusion. The Germans in the early years of the Twentieth Century were educated. But they fell for Hitler's lies. We see the same happening today, in Canada, and here in the US.

    Any attempt by politicians to offer security, health care, or anything else at the expense of liberty ought to set off alarm bells. Political tyrants always offer to "save" the people, at the expense of their freedom. Most of the problems these politicians offer to "save" us from fall into three categories:

    1. Exaggerated: Politicians are going to save us from pollution. All we have to do is comply with their anti-pollution decress, submit to inspection and licensing by their agencies, and lower our standard of living to become more dependent on them.

    2. Non Existent: Y2k was going to be the end of the world. It was just another political lie. Global Warming: Twenty five years ago it was the new ice age we were going into. Real scientists (as opposed to prostitute scientists) know that our climate is cyclic, it gets warmer for a while, and then it gets cooler. This phenomenon has been observed for thousands of years. Gullible people are ready to follw our politicians direction, give up their cars, and live in caves, while our politicians are exempt from these controls.

    3. Caused by our politicians: Terrorism: We are the targets of the terrorists because we are involved in their wars. This is no secret. The CIA said it, Ron Paul said it, and even Osama bin Laden said it. As long as we have an interventionist foreign policy, we can expect to be attacked by terrorists. And as long as the terrorists attack us, our politicians will use that as an excuse to destroy the Bill of Rights. Another example is the flood of illegal aliens. The Executive Branch refuses to enforce the laws passed by Congress to control the borders. At the same time, Neo-Cons in the Congress keep trying to pass amnesty for the millions of illegals already here. They call this amnesty :comprehensive immigration reform". So far, the American people aren't buying it.

    The Security and Prosperity Partnership (North American Union) is being created secretly. The failure to control our borders, and the prevalence of signs and applications in Spanish are moves to facilitate this. These politicians have betrayed their oath to the Constitution, and to the American people.

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    1 decade ago

    I spend some time now and then in South East Texas, there is a lot of Snow Birds from Canada there. I think they seem more willing to embrace socialism than the citizens of the US.

  • 1 decade ago

    I hope the Canadians are more informed on these things than the Americans are.

    Because the US has already passed our police state bills. Without the majority of Americans protesting at all.

  • 3 years ago

    confident you could throw the conservatives out. the difficulty is that with such lots of left wing events the vote gets split and the conservatives get a majority. in simple terms seem on the final election. all human beings voted for liberals, NDP, Bloc etc. None of them have been given a great form of votes, however the conservatives did even nonetheless they did no longer win an outright majority. the voters could chosen the liberals because of the fact the only thank you to get the conservatives out!!! I dont like the liberals yet a minimum of the liberals are open to coalitions with NDP and the Bloc

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    1 decade ago


    I am not sure how they feel about what is behind SPP but probably they are dormant like most of the people here. The name itself is funny "Security and Prosperity". Neither one of the terms applies to us.

    They are making their moves from all agles to setup the NWO.

    My 2 cents.

  • 1 decade ago

    Wow - this is too bad! I hope Canadians fight it. Looks like the only thing left out in the penalties is death by firing squad for suspected thinking of using alternative medicines. (after they seize all your property of course)

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    From what I have read, it seems as though the Canadians are as sick of their government as we are of ours. If you will notice, the US is doing what the EU done. Then, Canada is doing what we have done. It won't be long.

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