synethetic diamond growing at ultra high speed?

i am looking for technology and equipment suppliers for single crystal diamond growing at ultra high speed.

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  • Dr. C
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    1 decade ago
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    There are two basic technologies for growing diamond. High temperature high pressure (HTHP), and chemical vapor deposition (CVD).

    If you want to grow diamond epitaxially for technology applications, then you will need the CVD equipment. You will probably want to use the microwave plasma assisted CVD method. The high vacuum chambers can be purchased from many sources, but you will probably need to make your own CH4/H2 effusion cells and microwave emitters.

    If you intend to make bulk diamond, as for industrial abrasives or jewelry, then you will probably want to use either the tetrahedral anvil or split sphere methods. The diamond industry is quite competitive, and companies do not sell their anvils lightly. And yes, they usually make them in-house. The Chinese tend to be flagrant with stolen technology, so you might be able to obtain an anvil or split sphere from a Chinese manufacturer.

    And none of this equipment is something that will just fall into your lap by posting a question here. You will first need to read research papers, and lookup diamond manufacturers to get some leads. Then you will need to make phone calls and write letters to find someone willing to sell you the equipment. Ideally, you would already know how to use the equipment, or even design your own, but the fact that you asked this question indicates otherwise. If this is more than a passing fancy, you have a hard road ahead.

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