how to install throttle sensor on 1996 chevy lumina?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    apparently joes never changed a tps sensor before. Mounted in grommet? Tisk tisk tisk. locate the tps on the throttle body. It will have a round black connector with three wires in it, gray, dark blue, and black. Disconnect the sensor connector and remove the sensor mounting screws. they will either be a hex head, a phillips screwdriver head, or a torx head depending on the style of screw used. On my 95 buick regal, which is a W body as is the lumina but I have the 3800 engine, they are phillips head screws. install the sensor to the throttle body making sure the sensor lever engages with the sensor drive lever on the throttle shaft. Install the mounting screws. the tps is auto zeroing and needs no adjustment.

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    1 decade ago

    The throttle position sensor? That should be pretty damn easy. It is a sensor located inside the throttle body. You should just have to remove the wiring harness on it, then pull the sensor out. There may be a screw or two on it but usually it is just well seated in a rubber grommet.

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