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About the U.S constitution.?

I'm doing a project on the U.S constitution and well one question i can't answer is what was the whole purpose in making the constitution?

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    A majority of colonialists were of British origin. The British had Common Law and that protected people to a point. The reason the colonies went with a Constitution was because they wanted their important rights written down, not just based on precedence. Because as they knew, a couple of rulings can change precedence.

    Also, the colonialists were used to have colonial charters and/or constitutions. That was the reason the revolution began. They thought they had certain rights, and then those rights were taken away by England. To make sure it wouldn't happen again, they had the rights written down, then also set up a government to help protect those rights.

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    So that ignorant individuals would completely tear it up and destroy the soul purpose of this document which was intended to protect individuals rights.

    This country was founded on the right to do just about anything as long as it did not impeed on the rights of others.

    Yes carrying a fire arm is a protected right

    Yes owning a restaraunt or tavern and deciding what is right for your patrons is a protected right whether some like it or not.

    Yes smoking is a protected right as well as the right to consumption, if it wasn't why were these things being done during the time the US. constitution was created and not abolished then.

    Our GVT. is here not to destroy our rights or rewrite what is a right or what aint, they are here to protect them and serve us. That's it, that's why we pay taxes.

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    its the foundation for our government. it sets up the powers and duties of the 3 branches of gov't, as well as, the system of checks and balances which were lacking in jolly old England. Thus, Judiciary checks the Legislature and Executive, Executive carries out the laws made by Legislature, etc., Legislature enacts laws and represents the constituents. The founders were looking to form "a more perfect union" because the English system was rife with abuses (kinda like ours is now).

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    To create a framework for the new country in which all 13 colonies could participate

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