Star of Bethlehem?

We watched a film about a man who studied the star and learned how God aligned the stars before He even brought us into being. It's amazing. Please go to this site and give me your thoughts. The actual film is about an hour long, but it's worth it. It shows that God's timing for things is so pertinent to all things that have happened and that will happen.


You can watch it on that website.

No, I deleted my myspace page. Too much junk on myspace. I have not seen one night with the King, but my parents saw it and said it was great.

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    i was trying to see if i could rent it at blockbuster and 13 of the nearest ones don't have it. i'll keep looking. my husband and i love to see movies like that.

    have you seen "one night with the king"? it's based on the story of Esther. it's so good! we loved it.

    do you have a myspace?

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    After listening to the king, they went on their way. And there it replaced into—the huge call they had seen in the east! It led them till it got here and stopped above the region the place the new child replaced into. Matthew 2:9 “Stars” (i.e., planets) for sure return and forth from east to west around the heavens, no longer from north to south. would desire to or no longer that is that “the huge call” which the Magi observed and which led them to a particular domicile replaced into the Shekinah glory of God? that comparable glory had led the youngsters of Israel in the process the desert for 40 years as a pillar of fireplace and cloud. according to hazard this replaced into what they observed in the East, and for go with of a extra suitable term they observed because it a “large call.” All different efforts to describe this large call are inadequate (alongside with a conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars; a supernova; a comet; etc.).

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    Thanx, I look forward to checking out the site.

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