Hamilton Heights, NY --- Safe?

Is Hamilton Heights a safe area in NY to live? Also, is it a diverse area?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I just graduated from City College. Hamilton Heights is NOT safe. It is anything but middle class. The 145st subway station is filthy. There are piles of dog manure on Convent Avenue. Many City College students have been robbed in St. Nicholas Park. The area is black and hispanic, but I wouldn't call it diverse. Homeless people and undesirables roam the area. There are subtle signs of gentrification but as of this moment this is still a bad area.

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    1 decade ago

    Like Farfel said, its basically a couple blocks on Convent Avenue. Its not the greatest, but its safer than Washington Heights, which is the surrounding neighborhood. Its pretty diverse, alot of city college students reside there, and the area around it, Washington Heights, is mainly Dominican & Puerto Rican (More dominicans live there than in Santiago, DomRep)

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    it's a relatively small enclave along Convent Avenue which should be fairly safe if you don't venture too far out of it. the best subway station to use from here is the 145th Street station of the A/B/C/D lines. it's diverse enough with a good presence of middle class African-Americans and other ethnic groups. i would think that some graduates from City College would decide to stay in the area. my aunt and uncle used to live on Convent and 149th Street, and i used to visit them quite often...

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    I would call that northern Harlem rather than Washington Heights. The Heights nowadays is largely Dominican with other Hispanics, There is no reason to be nervous about the 140s on Broadway, but I would avoid side streets. You could say going to a hair dresser spoils your macho self image.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Its an improving neighborhood and is getting more diverse by the minute.

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    Very safe and very diverse.

    Good luck

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    i dont know

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