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Am I too emotionally attached to my car? If so how do I detach myself?

I have a very old and ailing Volvo 740 station wagon... I have had the car since I was 16 and I am almost 21 now - I have taken such good care of the car, but my baby isn't in as good a shape as I want it...

I have financial problems, but I am treating the car almost like a sick child... I am willing to spend thousands of dollars to do an overhaul etc. rather than spending that same amount of money on a new car... Am I being irrational?


I have no "people" in my life... btw... the car is all I got...

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    Ohhh I have the same problem ....That's how I found your question. I don't think your being irrational at all. It's your car and it been with you for a long time. It's your money and if it would satisfy your soul to fix it up so that you can keep going with it WHY NOT !

    I like the old saying " the cheapest car to own is the one you already have" and That old Volvo can take you to the same places that a new car can!

    Myself, I have old Chevy that I bought 12 years ago used. It was only two years old and I had to work so hard to get it! It literally changed my life to get that car cause then I FINALLY had reliable transportation! No more buses or begging rides. I was finally able to go after a "good" job! Also I finally had FREEDOM to go anywhere! The car has NEVER broken down and is good on gas. It has almost 200,000 miles. It has been the one constant thing I could count on NO MATTER what ( of course except mom and my cats) Sadly, this evening a SUV rear ended me. My "baby" is drivable but hurting. I think about $1500.00 to fix her. Not sure if the insurance company will pay that. I hope I can keep her.

    So in closing I totally understand your attachment.

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    You are being irrational. Stop wasting money on that beater and get yourself something nicer. It's easy to get attatched to a car that you've had for a long time and that's taken good care of you, but there will always come the time to let it go. Chances are, you'll find something you like better and the Volvo will be a fleating memory of the good ol' days.

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    OK hon.....bottom line answer is YES...

    Its a car. It doesn't love you back. I understand being sentimental, however, if financially your already in trouble do you really want to continue spending money on something that is destined to crap out. YES to being irrational. Sell it, get you a new one, and meet some real people.

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    If you have time to waste. Buy a new car and get on with your life. It is an object, not a human being.

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    Get a kitten get rid of the car and buy something that will not turn good money into bad.

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    thats gone old now ....u can extend its life fr some years by spending on it .....if u feel that amount nominal and affordable then do it .....otherwise sell it fr somebobdy else and make the most of it . i think it will be the justice to ur emotions fr ur car letting it stand idle in ur garage will still deteriorate its condition and u will feel hurt .......and if sold off .....u may see that oneday running on roads..... bye

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    Its a car, a thing, it can't care for you one little bit.

    try to develop some other interests. go to church, and det involved there, go to college and get involved in extra cirrecular activities, go to the park and jion in a pick up game of basketball,

    meet people.

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    dude thats weak.. not in a bad way or anything but you said it yourself, you are spending thousands on a metal death trap.

    Crash the car, or atleast get over it.

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    Smoke a bowl and flip a coin, there's your answer

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